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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Stockpicker Trucks

series SPS2

series SPS3


series SPA2

series SPA3


Stockpicker Trucks combine the mobility of a cart with the versatility of a step ladder. Convenient spring loaded steel step ladder holds the cart securely in place while a person is standing on the ladder. The rubber tip ladder plungers down to prevent the cart from moving while stocking. Springs then return the ladder to the raised position once the person steps back on the ground. Standard shelves have a 2" lip turned up to prevent items from falling off. Standard casters are 4" x 1-1/2" mold-on-rubber, two rigid and two swivel with wheel brakes. Steel units have a baked-in blue powder coat finish for added toughness. SPA model steel ladders have a baked-in silver powder coat finish. Contact factory for models with optional casters.


Stockpicker Trucks
Model PDF's Bottom Shelf Size (WxL) Shelf Clearance Top Shelf Height Capacity Per Shelf Total
Capacity (lbs)
Wt. (lbs)

Aluminum Construction

2-Shelf Units
SPA2-2236 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-5/8"x35-3/4" 28" 37-3/4" 330lbs. 660lbs. 126
SPA2-2840 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x39-3/4" 28" 37-3/4" 330lbs. 660lbs. 141
SPA2-2848 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x47-3/4" 28" 37-3/4" 330lbs. 660lbs. 147
3-Shelf Units
SPA3-2236 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-5/8"x35-5/8" 13" 37-13/16" 330lbs. 660lbs. 134
SPA3-2840 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x39" 13" 37-13/16" 330lbs. 660lbs. 146
SPA3-2848 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x47" 13" 37-13/16" 330lbs. 660lbs. 175

Steel Construction

2-Shelf Units
SPS2-2236 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-5/8"x35-5/8" 28" 37-11/16" 550lbs. 1,000lbs. 146
SPS2-2840 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x39-5/8" 28" 37-11/16" 550lbs. 1,000lbs. 165
SPS2-2848 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x47-5/8" 28" 37-11/16" 550lbs. 1,000lbs. 225
3-Shelf Units
SPS3-2236 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-5/8"x35-3/4" 13" 37-11/16" 550lbs. 1,000lbs. 200
SPS3-2840 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x39-3/4" 13" 37-11/16" 550lbs. 1,000lbs. 224
SPS3-2848 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x47-3/4" 13" 37-11/16" 550lbs. 1,000lbs. 230
SPS-LIPD   Lips Down on  top shelf  
SP-HDL-LOCK   Ladder upgrade plus Lock  

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Hi-Duty & Hi-Frame Stockpicker Trucks

model SPA-HD-2252

model SPA-HD-2852

These oversized units are perfect for large jobs. Ideal for oversized cartons, boxes, parts, and supplies. A spring loaded steel ladder for sure, safe climbing, and loading is featured on both the SPS and SPA models. Steps have nonskid footing with self-cleaning surface. Each unit features three shelves. Standard 4" x 2" mold-on-rubber casters, 2 rigid and 2 swivel with brake. Built of durable steel or aluminum construction. Steel units have a blue baked-in powder coated finish for toughness, while the steel ladders included on the aluminum units have a baked-in silver powder coat finish.

model SPS-HD-2252

model SPS-HD-2852

model SPS-HF-2252

model SPS-HF-2852

Hi-Duty & Hi-Frame Stockpicker Trucks
Model PDF's Bottom Shelf
Size (WxL)
Top Shelf
Per Shelf

Hi-Duty Stockpicker Trucks

SPA-HD-2252 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-5/8"x52-1/8" 13" 37-3/4" 330lbs. 500lbs 156
SPA-HD-2852 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-5/8"x52-1/8" 13" 37-3/4" 330lbs. 500lbs 168
SPS-HD-2252 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-1/2"x50-3/4" 13" 37-3/4" 500lbs. 1,000lbs 218
SPS-HD-2852 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-1/2"x50-3/4" 13" 37-3/4" 500lbs. 1,000lbs 252

Hi-Frame Stockpicker Trucks

SPS-HF-2252 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-1/2"x50-3/4" 27" 65-3/4" 500lbs. 1,000lbs. 228
SPS-HF-2852 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27-1/2"x50-3/4" 27" 65-3/4" 500lbs. 1,000lbs. 252
SPS-LIPD   Lips Down on  top shelf  
SP-HDL-LOCK   Ladder upgrade plus Lock  

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SPS2 Survey Sheet

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