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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Conveyor with Retractable Stops - CONV series

model CONV-1832

Provide smooth and easy flow from cart to workstation. Attaches to any scissor table, cart, or work bench with a deck length of 32". Allows you to position objects easily. Features retractable end stops so items won't slide off during transit. Ideal for use at feed tables for sheet metal working machines, press brakes, and machine centers. Adds 3." to lowered and raised height of cart. Fits model CART-750-TS and CART-1000-TS.

Conveyor with Retractable Stops

Model PDF's Overall Size
Roller Spacing
(center to center)
CONV-1832 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18"x32-7/8"x 6" 3" Centers 2" 800 66

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Gravity Roller Conveyor

model CONV-52-5-2-3L-Z

Put these conveyors on the floor next to your work stations or use them in your dock area.  Minimize the reliance on a fork truck. Minimize lifting and carrying. 10 gauge zinc plated steel frame (3" x 1") resists corrosion. Rollers are 2-3/8" in diameter on 3-15/16" centers. 13 gauge spring loaded rollers are set low in frame. Couplers included to join units together. Ships assembled.


Gravity Roller Conveyor

Model PDFs Overall Size
# of
CONV-52-5-2-3L-Z Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 52"x60" 50" 15 5,000 308

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Expandable Roller Conveyors

model EXCNV-R-24-24

Expandable Roller Conveyor is the perfect asset for packaging and distributing facilities. The conveyor provides the user an ergonomically friendly way to transfer goods while minimizing the bending and twisting during shipping and handling. A strong construction provides strength for transferring large awkward products. The conveyor can be expanded to reach greater distances between packaging points. Once finished it can be retracted to fit in a condensed area.

model EXCNV-S-24-24


Expandable Roller Conveyors

Model PDFs Overall Size
EXCNV-R-24-24   24"x25'x24-1/2" 24"x10-1/2'x24-1/2" 200 lb./ft. 440
EXCNV-S-24-24   24"x25'x24-1/2" 24"x7-1/2'x24-1/2" 200 lb./ft. 365

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