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model FL-4000

The Front Loader is engineered for use with your existing fork truck. "Dust Pan" design is ideal for transporting snow, gravel, sand or refuse. Pull release cable to dump contents of scoop..  Attaches quickly and easily to most fork trucks. Beveled front edge for better scooping ability. The fork pockets measure 7-1/2"W x 2-1/2"H on 24" centers.  All welded steel construction with a baked-in blue powder coat finish for toughness.

Operation: Drive into Front Loader; Secure unit to fork truck mast with safety chain; Run release cable to fork truck driver; Drive Loader into the material your transporting; Drive to destination; Raise forks and pull release to dump load; Unit returns to locked upright position when set down on ground.

  • Fork Truck attachable
  • Trip Cord Release
  • 90 Dump Angle
  • Capacity 4000 lbs.
  • Perfect for Snow, Gravel, Sand, or Refuse

Fork Mounted Front Loader
Model PDF Overall Size
Cubic Yard
FL-4000 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 69-3/4"x 63-1/4"x 22-5/8" 4,000 lb 90 1 1/3 525
FL-4000-N Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 48-1/2"x63-1/4"x22-5/8" 4,000 lb 90 1 427

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FL-4000 Owners Manual

90 Degree Dump Angle Similar to Self Dumping Hopper

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