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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Heavy Duty Work Bench

model WBT-S-HD-BS-3072

A heavy duty workbench is perfect for the manufacturing facility or in the personal workshop. A robust steel construction with a hefty 8000 lbs. capacity allows the user to work on a variety of items that are both big and small. The total platform height allows the user to work with the correct ergonomic posture which diminishes workplace slouching. The bottom shelf with a raised back can be utilized as simple convenient storage of items that can be easily gathered as needed. A blue painted finish diminishes abrasions while maintaining a smooth finish for an effortlessly cleanable work surface.  The straight tabletop edge allows the workbench to be maneuvered against walls and other platforms evenly without wasted, unused space.

Heavy Duty Work Bench

Model PDFs Platform Size
WBT-S-HD-BS-3072 Compliance Certificate 30"x72"x35-1/2" 8,000 364

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