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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Chip & Waste Trucks

model CHIP-17.5

  • Heavy-Duty Reinforced Steel Construction

  • Ideal for Clean Up & Other Material Handling Jobs

  • For Inside & Outside Use

Sturdy  Chip and Waste Trucks are ideal for collecting and transporting bulk materials or trash.  Tapered ends allow easy loading and dumping.  Hopper is balanced to maneuver and dump with less effort.  All welded 14 gauge steel construction. Optional, leak proof chute welds, model LEKP, drainage plug, model H-DPLG-75, and 2 drainage plug H-DPLG-2, leak proof chute welds included with drainage plugs.  Baked in blue powder coat finish for added toughness.

model CHIP-22.2

model CHIP-26.7

Chip & Waste Trucks

Model PDF's Volume
Cubic Feet
Overall Size
CHIP-17.5 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 17.5 1,500 26-3/8"x 66-11/16"x 37-7/16" 8"x 2" 146
CHIP-22.2 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 22.2 2,000 32-3/8"x 66-11/16"x 37-7/16" 8"x 2" 155
CHIP-26.7 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 26.7 2,000 38-3/8"x 66-11/16"x 37-7/16" 8"x 2" 167

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