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Self-Dumping Steel Hopper with Fold Down Front

model HDROP-50-HD


model HDROP-100-MD


model HDROP-150-LD
(shown with Optional Lid)

For optimum storage, disposal, & transport of bulk materials

This Self-Dumping Steel Hopper has a low-profile design with a drop-down front for easy shovel loading.  The manual hand latches are used to secure the drop-down front.  The manual pull cable is used to dump the hopper from the seat of a fork truck.  The hopper returns to the upright position when lowered to the ground.  Units feature full 90 dumping, steel construction, and a powder coat blue finish, galvanized base.

model HDROP-100-LD

Heavily reinforced fold down front for easier loading and unloading

Full 90 dumping

Dual ramp latching system

Ramp may be lowered and Easily loaded & unloaded

Heavy-duty formed base chained to fork truck

Easily loaded & unloaded with wheeled carts


Self-Dumping Steel Hopper with Fold Down Front

Model PDF Volume
Overall Size
 Light Duty
HDROP-25-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 2,000 30"x 46-1/8"x 21-11/16" 193
HDROP-50-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 2,000 30"x51-3/16"x28-1/8" 239
HDROP-100-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 2,000 52-15/16"x51-3/16"x28-1/8" 352
HDROP-150-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 2,000 54"x56-1/2"x38-5/8" 382 
 Medium Duty
HDROP-25-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 4,000 30"x46-1/8"x21-11/16" 215
HDROP-50-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 4,000 30"x51-3/16"x28-1/8" 272
HDROP-100-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 4,000 52-15/16"x51-3/16"x28-1/8" 402
HDROP-150-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 4,000 54"x56-1/2"x38-5/8" 453
 Heavy Duty
HDROP-25-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 6,000 30"x46-1/8"x21-11/16" 237
HDROP-50-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 6,000 30"x51-3/16"x 28-1/8" 306
HDROP-100-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 6,000 52-15/16"x 51-3/16"x 28-1/8" 451
HDROP-150-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 6,000 54"x 56-1/2"x 38-5/8" 472

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