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Self-Dumping Steel Hoppers with Bumper Release


model D-250-HD

model D-50-LD

model D-50-MD

model D-100-HD

Hopper automatically dumps when bumper release contacts the front of the dumpster.  Hopper returns to an upright and locked position automatically after it dumps.  Also includes a cable that may be operated from the seat of the fork truck to manually dump the hopper.  A safety restraint is provided to secure the hopper to the fork truck.  Usable fork pockets are 7"W x 2"H.  Optional leak proof design sold separately. D-25, D-33, D-50, D-75, and D-100 are stackable if you stack the top hopper turned 90 from the bottom. Units are only to be stacked unloaded and emply. Blue baked-in powder-coated toughness standard with exception of models D-300-HD-NA, D-350-HD, D-400-HD & D-500-HD. Must be attached to fork truck when dumping.


model D-75-LD

model D-100-LD

  model D-200-LD

  model D-300-LD

  model D-25-MD

  model D-75-MD

  model D-33-HD

  model D-50-HD

  model D-150-HD

model D-350-HD

model D-400-HD

model D-500-HD

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Specialty Colors for Self-Dumping Hoppers

Identify your hopper quickly and easily with our universal color codes. Specialty colors are available on any size/model hopper. Hot Dip Galvanized only available with suffix HD (Heavy Duty) Hoppers. Contact factory for specific model numbers and pricing.

Color Suggested Use
Soda Red  Hazard
White Paper
Battleship Grey Metal
Tractor Green Organic
Yellow Glass
Blue (Standard Color) Plastic
Orange Corrosive Fluid
Hot Dip Galvanized Wet Environment
Earth Brown Combustible Fluids
Khaki Tan User Defined 
Sandy Beige User Defined
Bubble Gum Pink User Defined
Black / High Gloss User Defined
Black / Semi Gloss User Defined
Hunter Green User Defined
Silver Lining User Defined
Sky Blue User Defined
Machine Gray User Defined

Self Dumping Hoppers with Bumper Release
Model Number PDF's Volume
Cubic Yards
Pocket Centers

Light Duty-12 Gauge Steel

D-25-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 2,000 26"x51-7/8"x38" 18" 335
D-33-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/3 2,000 26"x51-7/8"x38" 18" 340
D-50-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 2,000 33-11/16"x51-3/4"x38" 18" 365
D-75-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3/4 2,000 31-11/16"x 61-1/8x 42-11/16" 18" 449
D-100-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 2,000 41-11/16"x 61-1/8"x 42-11/16" 18" 479
D-150-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 2,000 43-11/16"x 68-5/16"x 51-13/16" 28" 565
D-200-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2 2,000 56-11/16"x 68-5/16"x 51-13/16" 28" 613
D-250-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2-1/2 2,000 69-9/16"x 68-3/8"x 51-3/4" 28" 863
D-300-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3 2,000 81-3/4"x 68-5/8" x 51-13/16" 28" 940

Medium Duty-10 Gauge Steel

D-25-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 4,000 26"x51-7/8"x38-1/16" 18" 397
D-33-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/3 4,000 26"x 51-7/8"x 38-1/16" 18" 397
D-50-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 4,000 33-9/16"x51-7/8"x38-1/16" 18" 435
D-75-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3/4 4,000 31-9/16"x 61-1/8"x 42-3/4" 18" 543
D-100-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 4,000 41-1/2"x 61-1/8"x42-11/16" 18" 534
D-150-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 4,000 43-9/16"x 68-3/8"x51-13/16" 28" 714
D-200-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2 4,000 56-5/8"x 68-5/16"x51-13/16" 28" 701
D-250-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2-1/2 4,000 69-9/16"x 68-3/8"x 51-3/4" 28" 863
D-300-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3 4,000 81-3/4"x 68-5/8"x 51-13/16" 28" 940

Heavy Duty-8 Gauge Steel

D-25-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 6,000 26"x 51-7/8"x 38-1/16" 18" 397
D-33-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/3 6,000 26"x51-7/8"x 38-1/16" 18" 397
D-50-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 6,000 33-9/16"x 51-7/8"x 38-1/16" 18" 435
D-75-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3/4 6,000 31-9/16"x 61-1/8"x 42-3/4" 18" 543
D-100-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 6,000 41-9/16"x 61-1/8"x 42-3/4" 18" 572
D-150-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 6,000 43-9/16"x 68-3/8"x 51-13/16" 28" 714
D-200-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2 6,000 56-9/16"x 68-5/16"x 51-13/16" 28" 767
D-250-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2-1/2 6,000 69-9/16"x 68-3/8"x 51-3/4" 28" 863
D-300-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3 6,000 81-3/4"x 68-5/8"x 51-13/16" 28" 940
D-300-HD-NA Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3 6,000 55-9/16"x 79-3/8"x 64-3/8" 28" 1107
D-350-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3-1/2 6,000 64-1/4"x 79-3/8"x 64-3/8" 28" 1128
D-400-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 4 6,000 72-15/16"x 79-3/8"x 64-3/8" 28" 1445 
D-500-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 5 6,000 90-1/4"x79-3/8"x 64-3/8" 28" 1554

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Steel "D" style Side Hopper Extensions

model D-150-EXT-SMY

 The D style hopper side extensions are great addition for material handling and construction facilities. An added height design provides the standard D style hopper with added room to handle materials. The extended sides are constructed of steel mesh for high strength durability during transference of goods, while the yellow painted finish delivers greater visibility to the overflowing items.

*Please note, side extensions cannot be used with hoppers that have lids.*

Steel "D" Style Side Hopper Extensions
PDF's Used w/
Construction Color Wt.
D-150-EXT-SMY Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate D-150- Steel Mesh Yellow 37
D-200-EXT-SMY Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate D-200- Steel Mesh Yellow 40
D-250-EXT-SMY Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate D-250- Steel Mesh Yellow 45
D-300-EXT-SMY Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate D-300- Steel Mesh Yellow 50

         = Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Options for "D" Style Hoppers

model D-TILT

Sideways Tilt Option, model D-TILT, can be used with D-75-LD and D-100-LD hoppers only. User must obtain written permission from fork truck manufacturer prior to use. Factory or field installed. May still use hopper like normal. Adds 3-1/2." to height.

"D" Style Hoppers Options
Model Number Description Wt. (lbs.)
D-TILT Sideways Tilt Option 130
LEKP Welded leak proof Option 5
D-DPLG-75* 0.75" Threaded Drain, Located in Left Corner 2
D-DPLG-2* 2" Threaded Drain, Located in Left Corner 2
LUG (4) Lifting Lugs (Welded) One on Each Corner 23

*D-DPLG option includes leak proof chute welds

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate



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