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A quick, easy, and safe way to move around large facilities.  Built with rider friendly features and the ability to handle various loads while moving through a facility with ease and efficiency.  A three wheel design includes hand brakes for sure stopping.  Adjustable height seat for different sized people.  Large payload / cargo area included.




model IBIKE-3-HH-BL

model IBIKE-3-DCHH-Y

Industrial Bicycles
Model PDF's Overall Size
Uniform Static
Colors Wt
IBIKE-3-DC-R Warranty PDF 29"x70"x43" 250 Red 72 
IBIKE-3-DC-B Warranty PDF 29"x70"x43" 250 Blue 72
IBIKE-3-DC-G Warranty PDF 29"x70"x43" 250 Green 72
IBIKE-3-DC-P Warranty PDF 29"x70"x43" 250 Purple 72
IBIKE-3-HH-Y Warranty PDF 33-1/2"x79"x45" 500 Yellow 146
IBIKE-3-HH-BL Warranty PDF 33-1/2"x79"x45" 500 Black 146
IBIKE-3-DCHH-Y Warranty PDF 29"x70"x43" 350 Yellow 70

 Optional Rear Basket (works with IBIKE-3-DCHH-Y)

IBIKE-3-DCHH-RWB Warranty PDF 21"x9"x15" 60 White 7

  = Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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