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model VHMS-30

model VHMS-2

model VHMS-8

model VHMS-15

Made of high-strength annealed ductile iron, these Steel Machine Rollers have swivel tops that rotate 360 on chrome steel ball bearings to allow for easier turning. The rollers form a "tank track" to revolve around a center load bearing plate in the frame to provide maximum maneuverability. The weight of the load is transferred directly from the load bearing plate to the rollers, eliminating axle friction and requiring less power to start and move. A spring loaded locking mechanism on the swivel tops, except on model VHMS-2, can be engaged in detents at 45 intervals. These units are virtually maintenance free. Steering bars split in two and connect with sleeve for easy storage.


Steering Bar
model VHMH

Turning Bar
model VHMH-TB-2


Machine Rollers
Model PDFs Body Size
of Top
Uniform Static
Capacity (lbs)
VHMS-2 Compliance Certificate 3-1/2"x8" Swivel 3-1/4" 2,000 11
VHMS-8 Compliance Certificate 5-1/2"x10" Swivel 4-716" 8,000 31
VHMS-15 Compliance Certificate 5-3/4"x10.5" Swivel 4-7/8" 15,000 38
VHMS-30 Compliance Certificate 6-1/2"x12-3/4" Swivel 5" 30,000 51
Machine Roller Kit
Model   Description Wt.
VHMS-2-KIT Compliance Certificate Includes:(4) VHMS-2 Machine Rollers & 2 VHMH-36-1 steering bars 61
Machine Roller Handles
Model   Description Use with: Handle
VHMH-36-1 Compliance Certificate Steering Bar VHMS-2 36" 10
VHMH-36-2 Compliance Certificate Steering Bar VHMS-8/15/30 36" 15
VHMH-48-1 Compliance Certificate Steering Bar VHMS-2 48" 12
VHMH-48-2 Compliance Certificate Steering Bar VHMS-8/15/30 48" 17
VHMH-TB-2 Compliance Certificate Turning Bar VHMS-8/15/30 36" 18

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Made of high strength, weldable annealed ductile iron

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