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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Non-Marring Plate Clamps


model NMPC-11 & model NMPC-11-4 shown

These Non-Marring Plate Clamps are designed for lifting and revolving without marring of smooth or polished plates such as stainless steel, aluminum, pre-lacquered plates, wood, marble, concrete, glass, plastic or other fragile surfaces. 

  • Design to meet ANSI B30.20-24 standards. 

  • Lift only one plate at a time.

  • Permanently attached chain sling with a large oval suspension ring

  • Non-marring Polyurethane coated jaws

  • Automatic clamping (manual clamping recommended for fragile materials)

Non-Marring Plate Clamps
Model PDF Overall
Min. Plate
Max. Plate
Min Plate
Weight (lbs)
NMPC-11 Warranty PDF 5"Wx6"Lx8"H 0 0.81" 1100 0 11
NMPC-33 Warranty PDF 5"Wx7"Lx10"H 0 1.13" 3300 0 26
NMPC-11-3 Warranty PDF 5"Wx7"Lx10"H 0 3.94" 1100 0 15
NMPC-11-4 Warranty PDF 5"Wx6"Lx10"H 0.81" 4.25" 1100 0 15
NMPC-11-5 Warranty PDF 5"Wx8"Lx8"H 1.56" 5.5" 1100 0 15

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Do not use plate clamps to lift loads less than 20% of rated capacity.  Lift only one plate at a time. Plate must be clean and free of oil.

Not designed to use on stainless steel or aluminum plates.  For use with materials with a surface hardness to 30 RC (300 HB).

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