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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Movable Bollard (with Wheels)


model BOL-MB-42.5.5

Movable Bollards provide a portable visual barrier when an area needs temporary protection.  Ideal for use when keeping traffic out of a temporarily hazardous area or area under repair.  Can be used indoors or outdoors.  Units are 42" high with a diameter of 5-1/2".  10" moldon-rubber wheels standard.  Yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness for high visibility.  Series BOL-MB-JK has a removable plastic top cap, which exposes four chain slots. Series BOL-MB-JKS has a removable bolt-on steel top cap with socket set-screw.

model BOL-MB-JK-42-5.5

model BOL-MB-JKS-42-5.5

Galvanized Proof Coil Chain

Movable Bollard with wheels

Model Description Weight
BOL-MB-42-5.5 Movable Bollard with Removable Cap & No Slots 53
BOL-MB-JK-42-5.5 Removable Plastic Cap with Slots 53
BOL-MB-JKS-42-5.5 Removable Bolt-On Steel Cap with Slots 53
BOL-JK-CN6 Galvanized Proof Coil Chain, 3/16 x 6L
BOL-JK-CN15 Galvanized Proof Coil Chain, 3/16 x 15L 5

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