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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Removable Bollards

model BOL-R-36-5.5
shown in sleeve

model BOL-R-48-5.5
shown out of sleeve
The Removable Bollard includes one (1) mounting sleeve and one (1) bollard. When access is needed into an area that is protected by the bollard, simply lift the bollard out of the sleeve. Replace the bollard in its sleeve to reinstate the protective barrier. When the bollard is removed, consider the cover sleeve option to prevent debris from collecting in the mounting sleeve. Yellow baked in powder coat finish for added toughness.

Optional Sleeve Cover
(Use when bollard is removed)
model BOL-R-SLV-CV

Removable Bollards
Model PDF's Usable
BOL-R-36-5.5 36-3/4" 46-3/4" 5-9/16" 40
BOL-R-42-5.5 42-3/4" 52-3/4" 5-9/16" 45
BOL-R-48-5.5 48-3/4" 58-3/4" 5-9/16" 46
BOL-R-72-5.5 72-3/4" 82-3/4" 5-9/16" 87
BOL-R-SLV-CV             Optional Sleeve Cover (Use when bollard is removed) 8

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