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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Dock Chain Barrier Bollard System

model DCBB-42-4.5

The Dock Chain Bollard Barrier creates a safe environment for both personnel and products.  The steel constructed double chain design adds extra security for doors up to 10'.  Unit is designed with a safety yellow finish for clear visibility, and a bolt on chain hook-up enabling a quick installation or removal.  Chains are mounted at 21" and 41" high on the bollard and the chain can be cut to size upon request. Model BOL-CHAIN is a powder coated steel chain used in the bollard system.  

**It is recommended to order more chain than the length between bollards to allow for slack.

Dock Chain Barrier Bollard System
Model PDF Items included in model DCBB-42.4.5 How many of each are included?   Model PDF Items included in model DCBB-42.5.5 How Many of each are Included?
DCBB-42-4.5 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 4.5" diameter Bollard 2   DCBB-42-5.5 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 5.5" diameter Bollard 2
127" Length Chain 2 127" Length Chain 2

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Dock Chain Barrier Bollard Conversion Kit

model DCBB-B-KIT

What's in my DCBB-B-KIT? (Bollard Conversion Kit)

Model PDF Item
How Many of
each are
DCBB-B-KIT Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Bollard Mounting Brackets 4
Self-Tapping Screws 16
Chain Post Handle 1
Quick Link Clips 4

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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