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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Expand-A-Gate - EXGATE series

Steel Construction
model EXGATE-30

Designed to set up quickly and easily wherever and whenever they are needed. Ideal for preventing potential accidents. Lightweight design allows personnel to quickly retrieve the gate and limit access to unsafe areas. Smooth operating scissor action. Interlocking and nestable. Suffix -C features casters. Suffix W features one swivel caster with a wall/rack mounting kit.

Model PEXGATE is constructed of heavy-duty molded yellow and black plastic. One side of gate includes reflectors for better visibility. End pieces are hollow and may be filled with liquid for added weight. Assembly required.

model EXGATE-30-C
Steel Construction with Casters

Steel Construction - Wall Mount
model EXGATE-30-W

Aluminum Construction with Casters

Aluminum Construction

Plastic Construction
PEXGATE series
model PEXGATE-30

Plastic Construction with Casters
model PEXGATE-30-C





Model PDF's Overall Collapsed
Expanded Gate
Steel Construction
EXGATE-30 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 19-3/4" 139" 38" 56
EXGATE-30-C Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 19-3/4" 139" 40-1/8" 57
EXGATE-30-W Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 20-5/16" 139" 38-5/16" 61
EXGATE-W-KIT   Wall Mount Kit 5
Aluminum Construction
ALEXGATE-30 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 19-3/4" 139" 38" 25
ALEXGATE-30-C Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 19-3/4" 139" 40-1/8" 30
ALEXGATE-30-W   20-5/16 139" 38-5/16" 34
ALEXGATE-W-KIT   Wall Mount Kit 5
Plastic Construction
PEXGATE-30 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 11-1/2" 122" 38" 12
PEXGATE-30-C Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 11-1/2" 122" 40-3/4" 13

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EXGATE-30 & ALEXGATE-30 Owners Manual

EXGATE-30-C & ALEXGATE-30-C Owners Manual

PEXGATE-30 & PEXGATE-30-C Owners Manual

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