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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Light Pole Base Protectors

The Light Pole Base Protector is designed to fit around a 24 diameter light pole base.  The ring assembly allows it to fit up to 38" height, and the top is easily customized to fit round or square light poles. This base protector is an innovative product that is revolutionizing commercial and retail parking lots.  Finally, a long term solution for those unattractive and hazardous cement light pole bases.  This will quickly and inexpensively enhance the visual appearance of your parking lot, lower your long term maintenance costs, while offering safety to your customers and their cars.  These are easily installed, without the use of tools!



Light Pole Base Protectors

Model PDF Fits
Base Dia.
Height Color Material Wt.
LPBP-24-YL Warranty PDF 24" 38" Yellow Polypropylene 28
LPBP-24-SBU Warranty PDF 24" 38" Safety Blue Polypropylene 28
LPBP-24-IBU Warranty PDF 24" 38" Imperial Blue (Dark) Polypropylene 28
LPBP-24-BK Warranty PDF 24" 38" Black Polypropylene 28

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Download The following manuals in PDF format:

Installation Instructions

LPBP-24 Manual

No More Painting or Scraping!

Each ring is 9 1/2" high, which 4 are included with one order.

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