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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Mezzanine Safety Gate

model MEZZ-200

The Mezzanine Safety Gate provides an OSHA required 42" high handrail, 21" high mid-rail, and 4" high toe board for mezzanines without sacrificing load accessibility. To accommodate the maximum load height of 68", when utilizing a standard 48"W x 48"D pallet (two standard, side by side pallets for models MEZZ-200-DW & MEZZ-200-DW-SS) load positioning within the gate is critical. For greatest amount of clearance and item placement flexibility, shorter loads are recommended. Gate design is balanced to allow for easy operation without use of springs. Baked-in powder-coated toughness. Welded steel construction.



model MEZZ-200-SS

Poly Wall Guard/Surface Bumper   (Model: M-Bump)



Mezzanine Safety Gate

Model PDF's Overall
Overall Depth Usable Width Wt. (lbs)
MEZZ-200* Warranty PDF 80-1/16" 68-1/2" 79-5/16" 56" 215
MEZZ-200-SS Warranty PDF 80-1/16" 68-1/2" 79-5/16" 56" 215
MEZZ-200-DW* Warranty PDF 80-1/16" 108-1/2" 79-5/16" 96" 284
MEZZ-200-DW-SS Warranty PDF 80-1/16" 108-1/2" 79-5/16" 96" 284
M-BUMP Warranty PDF 72L x 10H Poly Wall Guard/Surface Bumper (Hardware included) 27
 * Baked-In Powder Coated Toughness / SS= Stainless Steel Construction 

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