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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Economical Overhead Door Warning Barriers

model DWB-88

Protect overhead doors from fork trucks and other traffic coming and going throughout each day. Intended for use as a warning system - not a fork truck stop. Constructed with tubular steel uprights and a 4" x 4" wooden beam across the top of the guard. The wooden beam can be
easily and inexpensively replaced when damaged. Guard will not interfere with overhead door.  Complete unit is painted high visibility OSHA safety yellow. Concrete installation kit available. 

Economical Overhead Door Warning Barriers
Model PDF's Usable Door
Width (Ft.)
Usable Door
Height (Ft.)
Color Wt.
DWB-88 8 8 Yellow 395
DWB-810 8 10 Yellow 475
DWB-910 9 10 Yellow 490
DWB-1010 10 10 Yellow 505
AS-125 Concrete Anchor Bolts (1) 1/2"x5" 1
AS-125-4PK Concrete Anchor Bolts (4) 1/2"x5" 4

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Overhead Door Warning Barriers


Economy Warning Barrier
model ODG-121-F

Protect overhead doors from fork truck damage. Heavy-duty PVC construction is lightweight and will not rust. Highly visible black and yellow safety stripes and two American flags serve as a visual warning. Includes two 15' long chains with quick connects to hang barrier from ceiling or existing overhead door track. 

Model ODG-133-BL features built-in warning sirens and flashing lights that activate when the barrier is bumped or contacted. Provides for an audible and visual warning before damage to overhead door is caused. Requires (4) 9V lithium batteries, not included.

Deluxe Warning Barrier
model ODG-133-BL

Overhead Door Warning Barriers
Model PDF's Description Overall
ODG-121-F Economy Warning Barrier 120" 40
ODG-133-BL Deluxe Warning Barrier 120" 45

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Clearance Bar

model CLB-5-78P

**Clearance Bars are made of low density polyethylene (LDPE). Standard product color is yellow, but other colors are available.  Each clearance bar comes with eye hooks installed. You must provide chain/cable for suspending the bar. This product requires minimal maintenance and is brightly colored for enhanced visibility. Models CLB-5-78L and CLB-7-110L are customizable up to 15 characters. When no specifications are provided CLB-5-78L reads (CLEARANCE 78") and CLB-110L reads (CLEARANCE 110") Lettering clearly contrasts with the color of the bar to be easily seen by motorists.

model CLB-7-110L

model CLB-5-78L

Clearance Bar
Model PDF Outside
Length Lettering Color Wt.
CLB-5-78P Photo Gallery 5-1/4 78" No Yellow 18
CLB-5-78L Photo Gallery 5-1/4 78" Yes Yellow 18
CLB-7-110P Photo Gallery 7-1/2" 110" No Yellow 85 
CLB-7-110L Photo Gallery 7-1/2" 110" Yes Yellow 85

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