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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Economical Safety Swing Gate

model SSG-9

An economical way to protect people from dock falls. Durable railings are constructed from schedule 10 pipe (1-5/8" O.D.). Units have a top rail height of 46" and a 25" mid-rail. 4" poly-on-poly wheel allows units to be swung out of the way. Foot release lock keeps the railing from being moved when in use. Cast single socket is included. A baked-in powder coated yellow finish for toughness.

model SSG-11


Simply depress foot release lock and swing gate out of the way!

Economical Safety Swing Gate

Model PDF Opening
Top Rail
Mid Rail
Wt. (lbs)
SSG-9 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 108" 46-1/4" 25" 105
SSG-11 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 132" 46-1/4" 25" 138

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