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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Cantilever Hoists

model P-JIB-2

The Portable Cantilever Hoist is a swivel crane for side loading and controlled lowering. The Hoist has outriggers to increase stability with a counterbalanced / cantilever design. Adjustable extendable boom swivels 360 degrees for a variety of applications. Double acting hydraulic hand pump.  Available with or without counter balancing ballast. Hand winch capacity 800 lbs. Painted finish.

Capacity At Arm Length Model P-JIB-2 (lbs) Model P-JIB-4 (lbs)
24-3/8" 2,000 4,000
31-3/8" 1,600 3,200
38-3/8" 1,300 2,600
45-3/8" 1,100 2,200

8"x 2" Phenolic Casters for Portability
Ergo-Handle for easy maneuverability


Portable Cantilever Hoists

Model PDF's Overall Size
Maximum Arm Length Beyond Frame Max.
 Casters Wt. (lbs)
P-JIB-2 Warranty PDF 35-11/16" x 113-3/8"x 89" 50-3/8" 2,000 lbs. 8"x2" Glass Filled Nylon 939
P-JIB-4 Warranty PDF 35-11/16"x 113-3/8" x 89" 50-3/8" 4,000 lbs. 8"x3" Phenolic 950
P-JIB-BALL-2 Optional Factory Supplied Ballast for 2,000 lb. units 2780
P-JIB-BALL-4 Optional Factory Supplied Ballast for 4,000 lb. units 3650
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P-JIB Series Owners Manual

Optional Ballast
model P-JIB-BALL

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