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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Power Move Masters

model PMM-1000 (shown with Hydraulic Lift Option)

Power Move Masters are compact in size and easy to use. They are highly maneuverable, making them ideal for turning in tight spaces (not recommended for use on an incline or slope). DC powered for smooth, quiet operation with variable speed control for generous low speed torque and precise positioning. Built in battery charger for quick recovery. In addition, their ergonomic design provides stability and simple control. A variety of hitch attachments along with other options are available, contact factory. The tire size is 18" x 9-1/2". The hydraulic lift is standard on models PMM-3000 and PMM-3000-15, 9" to 26". Optional hydraulic lift option available on model PMM-1000. Three point mounting configurations allow for adjustable service range.




Power Move Master
Model PDF Overall Size
Tongue Weight
Load From
Lift (lbs)
PMM-1000 Warranty PDF 37-1/2"x53"x37" 1,000 40,000 970
PMM-3000 Warranty PDF 36"x78"x43" 1,000 70,000 2120
PMM-3000-15 Warranty PDF 36"x96"x43" 3,000/1,000* 70,000 2260
PMM-HYD-LIFT Hydraulic Lift Option, 9" to 26" Adjustable 84 

 * 3,000 lbs. Front/ 1,000 lbs. Top Lift

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