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Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

model EPT-S-2748-33

Semi-Electric design provides functional benefits and lower costs. Forks are raised manually like a standard pallet truck. Battery-powered DC traction-drive system for effortlessly moving heavy loads. Handle includes forward/reverse throttle control levers and emergency stop button.  Features: two (2) 12V batteries, battery charge level gauge, and on-board battery charger. Travel speed when loaded is 1.7 mph / unloaded 1.8 mph. Maximum grade is 5%.

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck
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Capacity (lbs)
Fork Size
EPT-S-2748-33 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 28"x65-3/4"x49-1/4" 3,300 27"x48" 3.2"to 7.8" 794
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