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model PJ-2001

The Pallet Jockey is a simple device that allows drivers and warehouse personnel to efficiently unload sideways pallets with their "Walkie" powered pallet trucks without wasting valuable time and resources.  Maximum capacity is 4,000 pounds.

The Non-Adjustable unit is ideal for warehouse distribution centers that have one particular electric pallet truck model. To use simply place the Pallet Jockey hooks into the fork wheel openings. Fits popular sizes of walkie trucks (verify your fork width and end of fork dimensions) and our electric pallet truck, model EPT-2547-30.

The Adjustable unit is designed to fit various types of electric pallet jacks. To use simply loosen wing bolts and slide adjustable brackets to proper slot, then tighten wing bolts.


model PJ-1005

Pallet Jockey for "Walkie" Trucks
Model PDF Description Fork/Pallet Truck Style
It Works With
PJ-1005 Warranty PDF Non-Adjustable *Various Electric Walkie Trucks 20
PJ-2001 Warranty PDF Adjustable *Various Electric Walkie Trucks 28

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