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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Hand Pallet Truck

model PMC-PM5-1632

Easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Offers a combination of light frame and rollers with self-lubricating ball bearings. Handle is ergonomically designed for operator comfort, reducing lifting and rolling effort. Supplemental rollers allow an easier entrance and a quicker exit from the closed pallets.  Features robotically welded frames for consistent strength.  Easy to assemble handle.

model PMC-PM5-2748

model PMC-PM5-2748-N

  Pramac Hand Pallet Truck Our Full Featured Pallet Truck
# of pump to lift 4,315 lbs. (1,957 kgs): 17-18 pumps (pump piston size 30.00mm) 14-15 pumps (pump piston size 38.00mm)
Ease of Pump: Easy to pump up around 20-25 lbs pump up force. Harder to pump up around 35-40 pump up force
Number of pumps without load: 20 pumps 20 pumps
Start up - Pull force: 115-120 lbs. 100 - 110 lbs.
Sustained pull force: 75-100 lbs. 100-110 lbs
Push force: 80-90 lbs. 80-90 lbs.
Service range: 3-1/8"-7-5/8" 3" - 7-5/8"
Fork Size: 6" 7"
Net weight: 154 lbs. 176 lbs.

Hand Pallet Truck
Model PDF's Overall Fork
Size (WxL)
Fork Width
Capacity (lbs)
PMC-PM5-1632 Warranty PDF 16"x32" 6-1/2" 3-3/8" to 7-7/8" 5,500 149
PMC-PM5-2748** Warranty PDF 26-1/2 x 44-1/2 6-1/2" 3-3/8" to 7-5/8" 5,500 212
PMC-PM5-2748-N* Warranty PDF 26-3/4 x 45-1/4 6-1/4" 3-3/8" to 8" 5,500 209

*Nylon Wheels/**Polyurethane wheels

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) High Lift Trucks

model PMC-HIPM-27-DC

Ideal for skids, baskets, and work applications. Electric pump has chrome plated piston. Features a very steady working platform, minimizing rocking and movement in all directions. Stabilizers positioned at the rear improved balance, making work easier when lifting and working with heavy loads. DC powered with battery and an onboard charger.


model PMC-HIPM-21-DC

High Lift Trucks
Model PDF's Fork Size
PMC-HIPM-21-DC Warranty PDF 21"x45" 31-1/2" 2,200 (1) 12V 320
PMC-HIPM-27-DC Warranty PDF 27"x45" 31-1/2" 2,200 (1) 12V 355

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Recyclable Pallet Truck with Galvanized Pump

model PMC-PPM-2045-G

The innovative recyclable pallet truck has high strength and low environmental impact. For use with cargo handling, logistics, warehouses, supermarkets, or anywhere a pallet truck is needed.  Light, quiet, maneuverable, and innovative. I-ton is the only lifter in the world made with the aid of non-metallic materials. The new polymer employed, based on the most modern technologies, provides stiffness, strength reaches the steel in common use and offers the following benefits; lightweight, no permanent deformation, use in wide range of temperatures, surface integrity even in the presence of corrosive agents.

Recyclable Pallet Truck with Galvanized Pump
Model PDF's Fork Size
PMC-PPM-2045-G Warranty PDF 20-1/2"x45" 3-3/8"to 7-7/8" 2,200 82

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Electric Pallet Truck

model PMC-EPT-2045

Designed to make the operator's task extremely easy. This truck combines the compactness and versatility of a hand pallet truck with the ergonomics of an electric pallet truck. It is suited for moving loads in confined spaced where larger electric pallet trucks will not fit. Overall dimensions are 20" x 60", with a turning radius of only 50". Individual fork width is 6-1/2.  Machine's stability is guaranteed by the lateral stabilizing wheels. Ergonomic handle offers ease of use with battery charge LED indicator.  Features "Tortoise" push button for slow motion and a safety punch button with warning buzzer.

Electric Pallet Truck
Model Number PDF's Service
Fork Size
(W x L)
PMC-EPT-2045 Warranty PDF 3-3/8" to 7-7/8" 20"x45" 2,500 (2) 12V 545
PMC-EPT-2745 Warranty PDF 3-3/8" to 7-7/8" 27"x45" 2,500 (2) 12V 640

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Electric Stackers

model PMC-S-FF-137

Electric power drive and lift. Ergonomic handle with a full control and safety system. Features "Tortoise" push button for slow motion, a safety punch button with warning buzzer and on-board battery charger. DC powered with two (2) 12V batteries.


model PMC-S-AA-150

model PMC-SNM-FF-62


Electric Stackers
Model Number PDF's Fork Size
0-118" RH
118"-150" RH

 Straddle Design with Adjustable Forks (works with both pallets and Skids)

PMC-S-AA-150 Warranty PDF 9"to31"x45-1/4" 3-1/2"to 150" 2,500 lbs. 1,500 lbs. 1670

 Fixed Forks (works with Skids only)

PMC-SNM-FF-62 Warranty PDF 22"x45" 3-1/2"to 62" 2,200 lbs. --. 810
PMC-S-FF-137 Warranty PDF 22"x45" 3-1/2"to 137-1/2" 2,500 lbs. 1,500 lbs. 1224
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