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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Internestable Stackable Racks


model NEST-210

Space saving storage is what this rack is all about.  The 3-1/4" under clearance allows for easy fork truck accessibility. Units can stack up to 20 feet high.  Sturdy, welded construction gives these units an abundance of strength and stability. 

  1. Special redundant stacking systems allows units to be internested for space saving storage when not in use.

  2. Flared posts, pintle and target, make it easy to line up units for stacking.

  3. Optional fold down post available upon request.

model NEST-230

Internestable Stackable Racks

Model PDFs Usable
Overall Size
NEST-106 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 49"x42"x48" 56-1/2"x47"x58" 4,000 336
NEST-215 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 61"x42"x48" 68-1/2"x47"x58" 4,000 355
NEST-210 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 49"x48-3/8"x48" 56-1/2"x53"x58" 4,000 306
NEST-230 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 61"x48-3/8"x48" 68-1/2"x53"x58" 4,000 375

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Flared posts, pintle and target, make it easy to line up units for stacking

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