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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Vertical Bar Rack/ Storage


model VBR-9

Designed for storage of long parts close to the worksite.  Long pieces stack vertically while shorter parts are kept horizontal on the three pan shelves.  Designed to be placed up against a wall.  Unit is supplied with lag down points. Includes a restraint chain to hold items in each bay. The capacity is 3,000 lbs. when evenly distributed.  Bolt together design with blue painted finish.  Some assembly is required.

Vertical Bar Rack

Model PDF's Overall Size
of Bays
Between Shelves
VBR-9 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 39-1/4"x 24"x 84-1/2" 3 18-1/2" 152

Vertical Bar Storage

PRSR-96-5B Warranty PDF 101" x 14.25" x 9 5 17-9/16" 67

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Expandable Vertical Bar Rack

model EVR-59-S

Designed for storage of long parts. Designed to be placed up against a wall. Order starter rack then extension rack for added width. Each rack includes three (3) adjustable dividers. Multiple units may be joined in-line or back-to-back. Total uniform capacity is 4,000 pounds when evenly distributed. Welded steel construction with blue painted finish. Ships knock-down, assembly required. Requires two (2) anchor bolts, sold separately.

model EVR-59-EXT

model EVR-106-EXT

Expandable Vertical Bar Rack

Model PDF Type Overall
Between Bays
EVR-59-S Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Starter Rack 53"x 21-3/4"x 59-17/32" 4-1/2" 176
EVR-59-EXT Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Extension Rack 51"x 21-3/4"x 59-17/32" 4-1/2" 145
EVR-106-S Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Starter Rack 53"x 23"x 106-17/32" 4-1/2" 202
EVR-106-EXT Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Extension Rack 51"x 23"x 106-17/32" 4-1/2" 176
AS-124   Anchor bolt for concrete (1) x 4 1



Vertical Bar Storage

Model PDF Overall
PRSR-96-5B Warranty PDF 6" x 3" x104 32




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EVR-59-EXT Assembly Instructions

EVR-106-S Assembly Instructions

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