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model VWIRE-48H

All steel construction available is either 3-gauge, or 11-gauge galvanized welded wire mesh.  Corners have eyelets designed for rigidity and stacking. Legs are wrapped and welded around base to eliminate sharp edges. Containers can be stacked 4 high and have a 4" clearance underneath to allow movement by fork or pallet trucks. Container's front half drop gate allows speed loading and access to stored goods. The collapsible design allows for efficient storage and transportation. If you are in the need for an open wire design that allows for full visibility for inventory checks, ventilation and cleanliness then this is the product for you.

Containers lay flat for storage

Wire Containers

Model PDF's Capacity
Overall Size
VWIRE-32H Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1,000 20"x32"x21" 11 1/2"x1/2" 57
VWIRE-40H Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 4,000 32"x40"x34" 3 2"x2" 115
VWIRE-48H Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 4,000 40"x48"x42" 3 2"x2" 166

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