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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Stretch Wrap Dispensers

model SWD-1

SWD-1 have easy to use fingertip units fit into core and allow for dispensing stretch wrap around your product. Brake feature included for controlling film tension while dispensing. Sold in pairs.

Series SWD-2 are hand held dispensing handles made of plastic and allow for easy stretch wrap dispensing with spin handle. Sold as each.

Model SWD-3 slip over extended core rolls of stretch wrap. Squeeze grip to control film tension while wrapping. PVC construction allows for comfortable grip. Sold as each.

model SWD-2/3

model SWD-2/1.5

model SWD-2/2

model SWD-3

Stretch Wrap Dispensers
Model PDFs Tape
SWD-1 Warranty PDF Any 3" 1
SWD-2/1.5 Warranty PDF 5" 1-1/2" 1
SWD-2/2 Warranty PDF 5" 2" 1
SWD-2/3 Warranty PDF 5" 3" 1
SWD-3 Warranty PDF Any 1-1/2" 1

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