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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Weather Stripping for pit mounted Docklevelers


Keep out pests and rodents and maintain the proper working environment with dockleveler weather stripping. Kit includes: (2) precut side strips, (1) precut foam insulator for the rear of the pit and installation hardware.

Dual Vinyl - A white dual-seal vinyl attaches to the side of Dockleveler with self-tapping sheet metal screws. The replacement vinyl slides into extruded channel that is attached with self-tapping screws.

Brushes - Available 1" or 1-1/2" wide. Installation is easy.  Bolt aluminum extrusion to sides of leveler then simply slide brushes into aluminum extrusion channel.

model WS-5-RB-1

model WS-6-DV


Weather Stripping
Model Description Length
WS-5-DV Dual Vinyl 50"/41"
WS-6-DV Dual Vinyl 62"/53"
WS-8-DV Dual Vinyl 85"/77"
WS-10-DV Dual Vinyl 110"/101"
WS-5-RV Replacement Vinyl 50"/42"
WS-6-RV Replacement Vinyl 62"/54"
WS-8-RV Replacement Vinyl 85"/78"
WS-10-RV Replacement Vinyl 110"/102"
WS-5-RB-1 1" Replaceable Brush 50"/42"
WS-6-RB-1 1" Replaceable Brush 62"/54"
WS-8-RB-1 1" Replaceable Brush 85"/78"
WS-10-RB-1 1" Replaceable Brush 110"/102"
WS-5-RB-1.5 1-1/2" Replaceable Brush 50"/42"
WS-6-RB-1.5 1-1/2" Replaceable Brush 62"/54"
WS-8-RB-1.5 1-1/2" Replaceable Brush 85"/78"
WS-10-RB-1.5 1-1/2" Replaceable Brush 110"/102"

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