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Multi-Person Work Platforms quickly and safely raise maintenance personal where they are needed giving you a larger size platform to accommodate your application.  The work platform attaches to fork truck by inserting forks into fork pockets and securing platform to fork truck.  Unit is made of 2 square tube construction, and base and 4 side curbs are formed from one piece of heavy gauge sheet for extra strength.  Deck has slip resistant surface, and fork pocket openings of 7 x 2 .  Safety pins behind each fork and heavy duty chains welded to back frame of platform which secure around the fork carriage.  Hinged gate on the front of the unit, with pin safety lock built in.  Painted safety yellow.


Per ANSI B56-1-2005 section 7.37.3, the floor dimensions of the platform attachment can not exceed 2X the load center distance listed on the truck data plate nor have a width greater than the overall width of the truck (measured across the load bearing wheels) plus 250mm on either side.  The backs on all work platforms backs have 1/2"-13 FEM to meet CAOSHA standards for the industrial trucks.

 As long as the customers truck meets these requirements, they should meet the requirements set forth by OSHA to have a new data plate created for their fork truck.  Vestil makes no guarantees as to the fork truck manufacturer generating a new date plate as required by OSHA. 

Multi-Person Work Platforms
Model PDF's Platform
Size (LxW)
Fork Pocket
Metal Back
WP-4072 Compliance Certificate 40"x72" 29" 1200 63-1/8" 406
WP-4096 Compliance Certificate 40"x96" 29" 1500 63-1/8" 470
WP-40120 Compliance Certificate 40" x 120" 29" 1800 63-1/8" 800
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Occupant safety depends on maintaining a work platform in level, horizontal position. Only use work platforms on improved surfaces (asphalt or concrete) that are even and level. DO NOT mount a work platform on a telehandler, aka boom lift, or rough terrain forklift, even if the handler will be used on level concrete or asphalt.

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