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 Medium Duty High Performance Auto-Wrap Stretch Wrap Machines

model SWA-60-AW

The Medium Duty High Performance Auto-Wrap Stretch Wrap Machine has a user friendly control center that provides workers with efficient control of the wrapping process.  The state of the art digital control circuit allows the operator to set the number of pallet rotations and film wrapping patterns, with four (4) standard multifunction wrapping patterns.  The operator ties off the film wrap on the carousel and presses the start button.  When the unit has completed the wrapping process, the operator can cut film or use auto brake feature and remove the wrapped pallet.  The powered carousel has variable speeds 0 to 13 with a soft start and stop feature.  Photocell sensors automatically adjust to different pallet heights.  Uniform capacity is 4,000 pounds. *Please note, models SWA-R-60-AW and SWA-R-82-AW have the same overall specifications, however SWA-R-82-AW has a deeper cut out to accommodate the 82" turntable.

model SWA-60-AW-SCL

model SWA-R-60-AW-SCL

Medium Duty High Performance Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine
Model PDFs Turntable
Max. Load
Max. Load
Wt. (lbs)
SWA-60-AW Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 59" 3-1/8" 88" 94" 4,000 1512
SWA-82-AW Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 82" 3 1/8" 104" 118" 4,000 2186
SWA-R-60-AW Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 48"W x 61-13/32"L x 3"H Approach Ramp (SWA-60-AW) 329
SWA-R-82-AW Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 48"W x 61-13/32"L x 3"H Approach Ramp (SWA-82-AW) 329
SWA-60-AW-SCL Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Scale Only (factory installed /adds 3-1/2" to turntable height) 924
SWA-R-60-AW-SCL Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 48"W X 94"L X6 1/2"H  RAMP FOR SWA-60-AW STRETCH WRAP MACHINE W/ SCALE 543

*Based on 20 high roll of stretch wrap material

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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