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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Multi-Purpose Packaging Cart

model PKG-CART

Minimize packaging time and costs by having wrapping and strapping components organized and readily available. Cart has dispensing ability for one (1) steel and one (1) poly strapping roll. Each strapping compartment includes a tensioner for controlled strap dispensing. Compartment doors also serve as ramps to easily roll strapping up into cart. Steel strapping compartment is 3" wide. Poly strapping compartment is 6" wide. Detachable pallet wand is included for use with poly strapping (max. ⅝" wide). Wand folds so it can be stored vertically in cart. The top of cart includes tray for storage for miscellaneous tools. Cart is portable with two (2) rigid and two (2) swivel locking 4" x 1" poly-on-poly wheels and push handle. Steel construction with powder coat finish. Model PKG-CART-A is model PKG-CART assembled.

model PKG-WAND

Multi-Purpose Packaging Cart
Model PDF Max.
Roll Dia.
Max. Roll
(Mt'l width)
Trapping Dia.
PKG-CART Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 11" 26" 22" 239
Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 11" 26" 22" 239
 Additional Pallet Wand, Model PKG-WAND 

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