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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Pallet Rack Gravity Flow Shelves

model GFL-9648

Pallet Rack Gravity Flow Shelves allow users to easily convert pallet racking into gravity flow racking.  Each model includes all components for one shelf level: frame, roller tracks, and box dividers.  Roller track and box divider spacing is adjustable.  Uniform capacity is 25 pounds per square foot.  Steel construction with painted finish.  Ships knocked down and includes mounting hardware for attachment to frames.


model GFL-9696

Pallet Rack Gravity Flow Shelves
Model PDF's Overall Size
GFL-9648 Compliance Certificate 96"x48" 25 lbs. per sq. ft. 181
GFL-9696 Compliance Certificate 96"x96" 25 lbs. per sq. ft. 252

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Gravity Flow Inserts

model RFLOW-12-42

Convert your pallet rack into flow rack simply by inserting our Gravity Flow Inserts between pallet rack beams.  Inserts measure 36-5/8" long for use in 42" deep pallet rack frames.  Aluminum roller diameter is " on 2" centers.  Side frames are constructed of galvanized steel with aluminum end hangers.  Uniform capacity is 50 pounds per foot.

Gravity Flow Inserts
Model PDF's Overall Size
RFLOW-9-42 Compliance Certificate 9"x36-5/8" 50 13
RFLOW-12-42 Compliance Certificate 12"x36-5/8" 50 15

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