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                                            Pallet Straddling Drum Truck

                                            A single operator can engage, lift, and transport drums stored either on the center of pallets or the
                                            corner of containment skids. Works with 55 gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums.  To engage a
                                            drum, the truck uses a spring-loaded jaw that securely grasps the rim of the drum. Two (2) rigid and
                                            two (2) swivel polyurethane wheels provide a high degree of maneuverability; each swivel wheel is
                                            equipped with a brake.  Inside leg width adjusts 42" retracted to 47¼" extended to straddle pallets.
                                            Steel construction with painted finish.

                                 model PSDT
                                                MODEL        OVERALL SIZE        JAW         UNIFORM     WEIGHT
                                               NUMBER         (W x D x H)       HEIGHT       CAPACITY    (POUND)
                                             PSDT         46¾" x 32" x 44"   34" to 45¼"    550 lb.      115

                                            Manual Low Profile Hydraulic Drum Truck
                                            Ideal for loading and unloading 55 gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums when no fork truck is
                                            available.  This device allows a single operator to engage elevated drums as well as to transport
                                            and position drums.  A spring-loaded clamp securely grasps the rim of a drum.  To elevate the
                                            rim clamp up to 5 feet, the truck incorporates a foot-operated hydraulic pump.  Unit rolls
                                 model LPDT
                                            smoothly on two (2) rigid 2½" x 1½" front wheels and two (2) 3 /16" x 1¼" poly rear wheels.
                                            Truck is easy to assemble/disassemble for storage.
                                               MODEL      OVERALL SIZE  LOWERED     RAISED     UNIFORM    WEIGHT
                                              NUMBER       (W x D x H)   HEIGHT     HEIGHT     CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                             LPDT       34" x 37" x 60"  32 /8"    64 /16"    600 lb.     185
                                            Ergonomic Drum Truck with Scale
                                            The Ergonomic Drum Truck with Scale lifts, transports, and weighs 55 gallon steel drums. Utilizes
                                            an automatic grip assembly to effectively grab drums. Scale head features automatic turn-off and
                                            +/- .5 pound accuracy. Scale is powered with six (6) AA batteries. AC adapter included. Truck can
                                            lift uniform loads up to 500 pounds. Rolls smoothly on two (2) 8" x 2" poly-on-steel wheels and
                                            one (1) 5" x 1" phenolic swivel caster with lock. Lifting height is ⅞" per stroke. Maximum lifting
                                            height is 10¼" to bottom of drum.
                                                  MODEL             OVERALL SIZE           UNIFORM       WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER             (W x L x H)           CAPACITY      (POUND)
                                             DRUM-55-SCL          31" x 43" x 41"         500 lb.         155

                                            Drum Lifter/Palletizer
                                            This drum lifter/palletizer is an ideal addition to the maintenance and manufacturing facilities.
                                 model DM-550  The strong steel construction provides a durable approach to lifting and transporting drums. The
                                            upright design diminishes the bending and twisting that may occur when maneuvering heavy
                                            drums. For best use, place the unit so it straddles the drum. With the handle raised, place the
                                            lifting hooks under the rim of the drum in a secure position and lower the handle. By lowering the
                                            handle, the pressure of the down force will lift the drum and allow the user to transport it.

                                                MODEL         OVERALL SIZE       LIFT        UNIFORM     WEIGHT
                                               NUMBER          (W x D x H)      HEIGHT       CAPACITY    (POUND)
                                             DM-550       45 /16" x 48" x 31½"   8"         550 lb.       225
                                            Lo-Profile Drum Caddies with Bung Wrench Handle
                                            Reduce injuries caused by manually lifting and moving drums. Transport one (1) 55 or 30
                                            gallon drum or two (2) 5 gallon pails with the Lo-Profile Drum Caddy. To use: align unit in
                                            front of drum, remove handle, and grip drum with the handle. Tip drum up, while guiding the
                                            caddy base under the drum. Re-attach handle and transport drum to desired location. Unit rolls
                                            easily on two (2) 6" rigid wheels and one (1) 3" swivel caster. The removable handle doubles as
                                            a bung nut wrench and seal remover. Cradle height is ½". Inside cradle diameter is 23½". Steel
                                            construction. Yellow painted finish.  US Patent Number 6682084.

                                                MODEL       STRADDLE     UNIFORM                          WEIGHT
                                                NUMBER       (W x D)     CAPACITY        WHEEL TYPE       (POUND)
            model LO-DC-PU
                                             LO-DC-MR     24" x 16¼"    1,000 lb.   MOLD-ON-RUBBER        41
                                             LO-DC-CI     24" x 16¼"    1,200 lb.      CAST IRON          47
                                             LO-DC-PU     24" x 16¼"    1,200 lb.     POLY-ON-STEEL       46
                                             LO-DC-PH     24" x 16¼"    1,200 lb.       PHENOLIC          46
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