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          Revolving Drum Carts

          Designed to rotate a 55 gallon steel drum from the vertical position to the horizontal
          position so their contents may be emptied.  Equipped with rollers for mixing. Includes
          a built-in drip pan to provide a clean, safe work floor. Rolls on two (2) 3" swivel casters
          and two (2) 5" rigid casters.  Simple one-person operation. Steel construction. Baked-in
          powder-coated toughness.
                                                                               model RDC-100-10
              MODEL          NUMBER           OVERALL SIZE    UNIFORM  WEIGHT
              NUMBER        OF ROLLERS         (W x L x H)    CAPACITY       (POUND)
           RDC-100      4 DUAL ROLLERS    18 /8" x 66¾" x 26¾"  600 lb.  46                                       DRUM, CYLINDER, & PAIL EQUIPMENT
           RDC-100-10   4 DUAL ROLLERS    18 /8" x 66¾" x 26¾"  1,000 lb.  52

          Economy Rotating Drum Carts

          Easy to operate. Includes two (2) rigid and two (2) swivel casters. Handle is
          NOT included -- must be purchased separately. Optional handle includes bung
          nut wrench and a built-in drum tipper to assist with liquid drainage. Rugged
          steel construction with painted finish. Assembly required.                             model RDC-60-NC

               MODEL        UNIFORM      WHEEL                       WEIGHT   model RDC-60-5-PO
               NUMBER       CAPACITY     SIZE         WHEEL TYPE     (POUND)  shown with
           RDC-60-NC        800 lb.      --           NONE            46     Optional Handle and
           RDC-60-5-PU      800 lb.      5"       POLYURETHANE        53     JDFT Drum Faucet
                                                                              (see page 317)
           RDC-60-5-PO      800 lb.      5"         POLYOLEFIN        46
           RDC-60-5-SS      800 lb.      5"           STEEL           60
           RDC-60-HDL                OPTIONAL HANDLE                  6
           RDC-60-DPN         OPTIONAL DRIP PAN WITH BRACKETS         3
                                        (8¼"W x 11"L x 4"H)
                                                                                        model    model RDC-60-5-PU
                                                                                    RDC-60-HDL   shown with RDC-60-HDL
                                                                                                 Optional Handle

          Deluxe Rotating Drum Carts
          Practical design is easy to operate and features a capacity of 1,000 pounds. Includes two
          (2) rigid and two (2) swivel casters. Two (2) retractable wooden handles included for easy
          operation. Steel stops enable operator to hold drum during tipping operation and includes   model
          a built-in bung nut wrench as a bonus. Rugged steel construction with painted finish.   RDC-1000-5PO
          Assembly required.

                MODEL         UNIFORM       WHEEL                    WEIGHT
               NUMBER         CAPACITY       SIZE       WHEEL TYPE   (POUND)
           RDC-1000-5PU      1,000 lb.       5"     POLY-ON-STEEL     85
           RDC-1000-5PO      1,000 lb.       5"       POLYOLEFIN      85
           RDC-1000-5SS      1,000 lb.       5"         STEEL         85
           RDC-1000-DPN        OPTIONAL DRIP PAN WITH BRACKETS        2      model
                                         (8¼"W x 11"L x 4"H)                  RDC-1000-DPN

          Dispensing Containment Cart
          Drum handling, dispensing, and containment all in one unit. Unlike alternative
          products, the open containment sump does not require spills to flow inside the
          double walls to meet EPA regulations -- easy to clean; eliminates residue concerns
          as related to compatibility. Can be used with 55 or 30 gallon drums, nylon strap
          keeps drums secure. Large 10" wheels roll easily over shop and factory floors.

              MODEL      OVERALL SIZE      SUMP          UNIFORM     WEIGHT
             NUMBER       (W x D x H)     CAPACITY       CAPACITY    (POUND)
           DHDC-66      32" x 72¼" x 27"  66 GALLONS      600 lb.     118      model DHDC-66
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