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Page 16 - Facilities Maintenance
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64                                   Floor Tape Applicators & Floor Tape
       FACILITY MAINTENANCE FACILITIES MAINTENANCE  model TPA-10  comfortable hand grips, and durable rubber wheels allow for easy operation and

                                                 Model TPA-10 - Designed to apply tape as you walk. Solid steel construction,
                                                 maintenance. Features a soft rubber applicator head. Holds tape rolls with a 3" diameter
                                                 core and widths between 1" minimum and 4" maximum.
                                                 Model TPA-20 - Applicator head adjusts quickly to apply tape in circular path or in a
                                                 long straight line. Rear stabilizer adjusts right and left to allow for marking next to walls
                                                 and pallet racks. Holds tape rolls with a 3" core and width between 1" minimum to
                                                 4½" maximum.
                                                  FLOOR TAPE APPLICATOR
                                                  TPA-10�           ROLL DIAMETER         WIDTHS         (POUND)
                                                                                          1" - 4"
                                                  TPA-20�               7"                1" - 4½"         21
                                                  YELLOW/BLACK STRIPED FLOOR TAPE
                                                      MODEL                                              WEIGHT
                                                     NUMBER        WIDTH     LENGTH        COLOR         (POUND)
                                                  YB-282-R�         2"       82 FT.    YELLOW/BLACK        1
                                                  YB-382-R�         3"       82 FT.    YELLOW/BLACK        1
              model TPA-20
                                                 Line Markers
                                                 Model LINE-SA - Lightweight applicator for marking paint lines on ground, trenches,
                                                 construction and landscaping.  Approximate stripe width is 1¼". Pull trigger to spray.
                                                 Holds one standard inverted marking aerosol can of spray paint.  Overall height is 37½".
                                                 Steel construction with painted finish.
                                                 Model LINE-SA-W - Economical applicator - simply pull trigger to mark paint lines on
                                                 floors. Holds one standard aerosol can of inverted marking spray paint.  Wheels assist with
                                                 creating an even line approximately 1¼" wide. Steel construction with painted finish.

                                                      MODEL                                              WEIGHT
                                                     NUMBER                   DESCRIPTION                (POUND)
                                                  LINE-SA�            HANDHELD WAND APPLICATOR             4
               model LINE-SA    model LINE-SA-W   LINE-SA-W�        PORTABLE APPLICATOR W/WHEELS           6

                                                 Reel Mover Handle
                                                 A reel mover handle is the perfect way to transfer wire reels throughout the workspace.
                                                 The long handle allows the user to walk/stand in the proper upright position which
                                                 diminishes the amount of time bending and twisting while moving reels manually.
                             New                 The strong construction gives the user the ability to secure the reel to the handle and
                                                 transport throughout the designated working area. Works well in manufacturing and
                                                 construction facilities.
                         model RMH-C-5020-3
                                                      MODEL                 MAX REEL  MAX REEL  MIN REEL  MAX REEL  WEIGHT
                                                     NUMBER      DESCRIPTION  HEIGHT  LENGTH  CORE  CORE  (POUND)
                                                  RMH-C-5020-3  REEL MOVER   54"    20 /16"  1 /16"  3 /8"  18
                                                 Welding Curtain Roll

                                                 Welding curtains promote safety throughout manufacturing and construction facilities.
                                                 The strong flame retardant vinyl design keeps materials from passing into other works
                                                 areas. The unit includes a pregrommeted top side for simply hanging in the designated
                                                 work space. An assortment of colors are available.
                                                      MODEL                                    TRANSPARENT  WEIGHT
                 model WCR-6025-G                    NUMBER               DESCRIPTION            COLOR    (POUND)
                                                  WCR-6025-G�    WELDING CURTAIN ROLL  14 mil    GRAY       39
                                                  WCR-6025-O�    WELDING CURTAIN ROLL  14 mil  ORANGE       39
                                                  WCR-6025-Y�    WELDING CURTAIN ROLL  14 mil   YELLOW      39
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