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62                                   Portable Infrared Heat Panels
       FACILITY MAINTENANCE FACILITIES MAINTENANCE  industrial applications, such as auto collision repair shops. Units can be rolled easily

                                                 Portable Infrared Heat Panels are a great asset in cold work areas. Built to withstand
                                                 to an array of areas without the need of additional personnel of lifting devices. The
                                                 overall height allows the heat to expand more freely through out the workspace and
                                                 quickly diminishes cold areas.

                                                                                OVERALL SIZE
                                                                                              HEATED AREA
                                                                                                (W x H)
                                                                                 (W x H x D)
                                                                              44 /8" x 30" x 56½"
                                                                                               40" x 44"
                                                                              66 /8" x 30" x 56½"
                                                                                               61" x 44"
                                model PIHP-4
                      model PIHP-11
                                                 Manual Brush Sweepers        66 /8" x 30" x 89½"  61" x 77"  225
                                                 Use these sweepers anywhere, indoors or out, on concrete, asphalt, tile, and commercial
                                                 carpets.  Great for parking lots, gas stations, theaters, warehouses, schools, etc.
                                                 Model JAN-II is faster and more efficient than cleaning with conventional push brooms.
                                        model JAN-II  The rotation of the wheels causes the brushes to rotate and pick up material.  The side
                                                 broom allows for cleaning along curbs, walls, and in corners.  Contains no electric motor.
                                                 Removable handle for storage is standard.  Steel construction.
                                                 Model JAN-SM includes two (2) brushes on each front corner with a ¼" overlap.  A
                                                 retractable handle is ideal for storage.
                                                 Model JAN-LG is a deluxe brush sweeper.  The two (2) 11" diameter brushes, one on each
                                                 front corner, come with independent ½" height adjustment.  The bottom center brushes also
                        DVD or VIDEO
                        AVAILABLE                features ½" height adjustment.  Those brushes measure 17½" x 5½".  A folding handle for easy
                                                 storage is standard.
                                                     MODEL     OVERALL SIZE  SWEEPING   CAPACITY          WEIGHT
                                                    NUMBER      (W x D x H)  AREA   (GALLONS)  POWERED    (POUND)
                                                  JAN-II�    29" x 48" x 37 /8"  27"  10     BELT DRIVEN    81
                                                  JAN-SM�    21¼" x 24" x 43"  22"     6     GEAR DRIVEN    20
                                                  JAN-LG�    32½" x 30" x 41½"  32½"   9     BELT DRIVEN    35
            model JAN-LG              model JAN-SM
                                                 Magnetic Push Sweepers
                                                 Magnetic Sweepers are ideal for manufacturing facilities and construction sites.  The
                                                 sweeper is ergonomically friendly with an efficient handle controlled release.  The design
                                                 and capacity can accommodate large and small materials.  While the standard handle
                                                 allows for comfortable upright position during use, the wheels allow smooth rolling for
                       model MFSR-30             quick and easy collection of objects.
                                                 Model MPSR-24-B and MPSR-36-B have a bent handle for more ergonomic handling.
                                                 Model TAM-30 is constructed of aluminum frame for lightweight strength.  Other
                                                 features include a telescoping handle for easy storage and length preference, a manual
                                                 release for safe disposal, and a rotatable base for maneuverability.

                                                      MODEL                                      SWEEP    WEIGHT
                                       model TAM-30  NUMBER              REMOVAL PROCESS         WIDTH    (POUND)
                                                  MFSR-18�      HANDLE RELEASE (on top of sweeper)  18"    14
                                                  MFSR-24�      HANDLE RELEASE (on top of sweeper)  24"    16
                                                  MFSR-30�      HANDLE RELEASE (on top of sweeper)  30"    21
                                                  MFSR-36�      HANDLE RELEASE (on top of sweeper)  36"    23
                                                  MPSR-24�      HANDLE RELEASE LEVER (on handle)  24"      14
                                                  MPSR-24-B�    HANDLE RELEASE LEVER (on handle)  24"      40
                                                  MPSR-36-B�    HANDLE RELEASE LEVER (on handle)  36"      51
                                                  TAM-30�              MANUAL RELEASE              3"       4
                                model MPSR-24-B
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