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          Pneumatic Tire Steel Platform Trucks

          Travel over rough terrain with these Pneumatic Tire Steel Platform Trucks. Ideal for nurseries,
          farms, and warehouses. Units have 12" x 3½" two (2) swivel and two (2) rigid tires and a   model
          removable chrome plated handle. Durable blue baked-in powder-coated toughness.      PNU-2448

             MODEL      DECK SIZE   DECK   UNIFORM STATIC             WEIGHT
             NUMBER      (W x L)   HEIGHT    CAPACITY    CASTER TYPE  (POUND)
           PNU-2448     24" x 48"   18"      1,500 lb.  PNEUMATIC      170
           PNU-3060     30" x 60"   18"      1,500 lb.  PNEUMATIC      211
           PNU-3672     36" x 72"   18"      1,500 lb.  PNEUMATIC      249                                         INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL CARTS & DOLLIES

          Steel Folding Handle Platform Truck

          Steel platform truck includes a fold-down handle for convenient storage. Handle includes
          unique fold-up storage pocket for tools, picking slips, or whatever the application requires.   model SFT-1929
          Platform features rubber edge guards and a non-slip rubber surface. Trucks roll smoothly on
          two (2) rigid and two (2) swivel 4" casters. Steel construction with a painted finish.

              MODEL      DECK SIZE    DECK      HANDLE     UNIFORM    WEIGHT
             NUMBER       (W x L)     HEIGHT     HEIGHT    CAPACITY   (POUND)
           SFT-1929     19" x 29"     5¾"        27"       330 lb.     21

          Nesting Platform Cart

          This steel platform truck is nestable to save valuable warehouse storage space. Ideal for
          warehouses, shipping and receiving areas, lumber retailers, mail rooms, and other places
          where multiple platform trucks are needed. The first cart requires a 30⅛"W x 50⅞"L floor
          space - each additional truck only adds 12" to the length. Baked-in powder-coated toughness
          with chrome plated handle.                                           model NPCT

             MODEL    DECK SIZE  UNIFORM STATIC   CASTER              WEIGHT
            NUMBER     (W x L)      CAPACITY     SIZE     CASTER TYPE  (POUND)
           NPCT      24" x 48"    1,500 lb.    6" x 2"    RUBBER      182


          Nestable Multi-Use Cart with Brake                                                      model
          This cart rolls easily on (2) two rigid and (1) one swivel 6" polyurethane wheels.  Brakes
          automatically lock when cart handle is not squeezed.  Ideal in airports, malls, hotels, shipping
          and receiving areas.  A bolt-on 19½" long garment hook is included on model LUG-B-GH.
                                                                              Model LUG-B
             NUMBER        (W x D x H)       (W x L)      CAPACITY    (POUND)
           LUG-B       26½" x 39½" x 39"  15 /16" x 24½"  550 lb.      80
           LUG-B-GH    26½" x 39½" x 60"  15 /16" x 24½"  550 lb.      90

                                                                                              model WIRE-S
          Nestable Wire Carts
          Portable lightweight mesh carts are nestable to minimize storage space. Units roll easily on 6"
          polyurethane wheels.  Steel construction with zinc-plated finish to resist rust. Each cart ships
          fully assembled and ready to use.

             MODEL       OVERALL SIZE    UNIFORM STATIC               WEIGHT
            NUMBER        (W x L x H)      CAPACITY     CASTER TYPE   (POUND)
           WIRE-S    17½" x 36 /16" x 40¾"  90 lb.    ALL SWIVEL       87
           WIRE-M     28¾" x 52" x 43¼"    90 lb.     ALL SWIVEL       98
           WIRE-L    28¾" x 59¼" x 36¾"   275 lb.    RIGID & SWIVEL   136
                                                                                   model WIRE-L     model WIRE-M
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