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                                              Intermediate Bulk Containers

                                              Space-saving storage containers are great for multi-trip applications.  Designed for storage of
                                              both hazardous and nonhazardous contents.  Easy to fill, stack, and load.  Steel cage is hot
                                              dipped galvanized material consistent with Food Code requirements for use in non-direct
                                   model IBC-330  food contact environments.  Pallet base is made from both steel and plastic.  Includes inner
                                              storage tank made from white plastic with UV-blocking additive.  Includes 2" butterfly valve
                                              with a durable, synthetic fluorocarbon rubber gasket.  Top fill cap is 6" diameter with 2" bung.
                                              Complete unit is UN approved.
                                              Protect IBC spills with our IBC Containment Pallets, series ISCP. All polyethylene
                                              construction makes the unit resistant to chemicals and will not rust. Fork pockets for easy
                                              lifting and positioning. Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175.
                                                 MODEL       OVERALL SIZE    UNIFORM         VOLUME       WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER       (W x L x H)    CAPACITY       CAPACITY      (POUND)
                                               IBC-275     40" x 48" x 46¼"  2,500 lb.   275 GALLON       130
                                               IBC-330     40" x 48" x 53"  3,000 lb.    330 GALLON       140
                                               INTERMEDIATE BULK CRATE SPILL CONTAINMENT PALLETS
                                                 MODEL     OVERALL SIZE  CONTAINMENT   UNIFORM  FORK POCKETS  WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER     (W x L x H)   CAPACITY  CAPACITY    (W x H)   (POUND)
                                               ISCP-1     62" x 62" x 28"  360 GAL.  8,500 lb.  7¼" x 4"   325
                                               ISCP-2    62" x 124½" x 22"  535 GAL.  8,000 lb.  7¼" x 4¾"  452
                                               ISCS-1*   50 /8" x 53" x 37¼"  400 GAL.  2,500 lb.  7½" x 2½"  1018
                                     CA Residents see  ISCP-DP  OPTIONAL DRIP PAN (19½"W x 16"L x 14½"H)    12
                      model ISCP-DP  WARNING A, Pg. 459
                                              *STEEL CONSTRUCTION

                                              Intermediate Bulk Container Tilting Cart
                                              The Intermediate Bulk Container Tilting Cart is designed of a sturdy steel construction which,
                                              provides a secure tilting of containers for complete draining. To use, simply place the container
                                              on the cart. When the container is in the secure position, start the draining process. As the
                                              fluid flows from the container, the rear of the cart will rise up to 5 degrees creating an angle
                                              for a better release of fluids. The cart rolls on casters for smooth transition from workstation to
                                   model IBC-TLT
                                                  MODEL         OVERALL SIZE   LOWERED/RAISED  UNIFORM    WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER          (W x L x H)      HEIGHT      CAPACITY   (POUND)
                                               IBC-TLT      41 /16" x 53 /8" x 35 /16"  12 /4" to 16 /2"  4,400 lb.  261
                                              Intermediate Bulk Container Heaters

                                              An adjustable wrap around tote tank heater is a great asset to an assortment of container sizes.
                                              With the simple modifiable straps, the heater can be applied easily to an existing unit. An
                                              adjustable thermometer with a built in max temperature reset is also included for both precise
                                              heat allocation and overall safety. To use, easily maneuver the unit around the container and
                                              adjust the straps accordingly until secure.

                                              Model IBC-HEAT-TOP is available to protect integral heat from leaving from unprotected

                                                  MODEL            TANK           TANK                    WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER          HEIGHT         (W x L)       VOLTAGE    (POUND)
                                               IBC-HEAT-275        42"          40" - 48"      120V         40
                                               IBC-HEAT-330        48"          40" - 48"      120V         58
                   model IBC-HEAT-330          IBC-HEAT-TOP        INSULATED TOP FOR ABOVE MODELS           11
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