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          Overpack Containers

          Overpack Containers are a great asset when maintaining and moving waste materials. The
          unit is constructed of low density polyethylene for strength and durability. Suitable for use
          with 55 gallon steel or plastic drums. The containment can be moved by utilizing a fork
          truck or other lifting devices. Works with DRUM-ST, DRUM-HD, DRUM-X-H, and           OVERPACK CONTAINER
                                                                                                 model SCC-65-YL
          Optional Drum Containment Cover available separately. To attach simply place cover
          onto the drum containment and snap-on until latched. Units can be stacked/nested for
          storage and shipping.

                MODEL                        OVERALL SIZE  SUMP  UNIFORM  WEIGHT                                   DRUM, CYLINDER, & PAIL EQUIPMENT
               NUMBER         DESCRIPTION     (W x L x H)  CAPACITY  CAPACITY (POUND)
           SCC-65-YL     CONTAINER, YELLOW 36¼" x 36¼" x 29½" 65 GALLON  800 lb.  32
           SCC-65-OR     CONTAINER, ORANGE 36¼" x 36¼" x 29½" 65 GALLON  800 lb.  32           CONTAINER COVER
                                                                                                model SCC-65-CVR-YL
           SCC-65-CVR-YL  COVER, YELLOW    37" x 37" x 11 /8"  --  --    15
           SCC-65-CVR-OR  COVER, ORANGE    37" x 37" x 11 /8"  --  --    15
          Fuel Tank Containment with Drain

          Complete containment for 275 & 550 gallon oval tanks, indoors or outdoors! Eliminate costly
          spills while storing fuels, oils, and other hazardous liquids. Rugged, all polyethylene construction
          will not rust or corrode. Optional Pull Over Cover available.
              MODEL         OVERALL SIZE    INSIDE TOP  INSIDE BOTTOM  WEIGHT                    model OCT-275 with
              NUMBER         (W x D x H)     (W x D)       (W x D)     (POUND)                   Optional Pull Over Cover
           OTC-275       84½" x 43¾" x 29"  80" x 39"    73" x 31"      90
           OTC-550         87" x 60" x 33"  82" x 54"   75¾" x 47¾"     108
           OTC-CVR275     OPTIONAL PULL OVER COVER FOR OTC-275 ONLY      8

          Drum Grab
          Designed exclusively for lifting closed and open-head 55 gallon steel drums with a
          secured lid installed. Not for use on open-head drums without a lid. This product works on
          select 55 gallon plastic and fiber drums with a top lip strong enough to hold the weight
          of the drum.  Designed for quick and easy one person operation, with drum in a vertical
          position.  The narrow profile design is great for picking up drums packed close together.
          The three-arm ductile-iron design offers maximum strength and simplicity allowing the
          centering of the drum under the lifter.  The polyurethane "spring" loop keeps the lifter
          securely engaged to the drum, which is especially beneficial when using the lifter in a
          rough environment including swinging, bouncing, and incidental collisions.  Unit must
          be manually disengaged from the drum when finished with use.

               MODEL                 ACCEPTABLE             UNIFORM    WEIGHT
               NUMBER                 DRUM TYPE             CAPACITY   (POUND)
           DRUM-GRAB      STEEL CLOSED & OPEN-HEAD W/LID   2,200 lb.    20

          Multi-Purpose Overhead Drum Lifters/Wrenches
          Simple three-arm design for use with closed head 30 and 55 gallon steel, plastic,
          and fiber drums with a top lip. Each removable arm also functions as a wrench
          for use on drum plugs, faucets, and rim ring bolts. Mechanical operation.
          Requires assistance from an overhead lifting device. Baked-in powder-coated
          toughness. Steel construction.
          Model PDL-800-M-BR features a bronze, spark resistant alloy.        model PDL-800-M   model PDL-800-M-BR
                                                                                          CA Residents see
                                                                                        WARNING A, Pg. 459
                MODEL                                   UNIFORM        WEIGHT
                NUMBER           CONSTRUCTION           CAPACITY       (POUND)
           PDL-800-M              STEEL                 800 lb.         20
           PDL-800-M-BR        BRONZE ALLOY             800 lb.         18
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