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          Bronze Hammers

          Bronze Hammers are great for manufacturing and construction facilities.  The forged aluminum-bronze
          hammers are non-sparking for use in hazardous areas.  These durable hammer designs also allow for
          non-marring when used with other metals.                                             model SR-BPH

               MODEL                                                        WEIGHT
               NUMBER                        DESCRIPTION                    (POUND)                                STAINLESS STEEL & BRONZE
           SR-BPH                        BALL PEEN HAMMER                     2
           SR-SH                          SLEDGE HAMMER                       6                model SR-SH
                                                                                                 CA Residents see
                                                                                               WARNING A, Pg. 459
          Bronze Pail

          Bronze Pail is ideal for a variety of settings.  The aluminum bronze spark resistant alloy construction
          works well in hazardous conditions.  The pail can be used with a range of materials and surroundings
          such as petroleum, various chemicals, and mining.  A pivoting handle is attached for simple ergonomic

           BKT-BRZ-250       2.5       10        25        10¾"     10½"       7
                                                                                           model BKT-BRZ-250
                                                                                               CA Residents see
                                                                                              WARNING A, Pg. 459
          Bronze Funnel
          The Bronze Funnel is ideal for maintenance and manufacturing environments. The funnel is constructed
          of aluminum bronze for a spark resistant finish when transporting chemicals that may be hazardous.   CA Residents see
                                                                                                       WARNING A, Pg. 459
               MODEL                                                        WEIGHT
               NUMBER                        DESCRIPTION                    (POUND)         model SR-FUNNEL
           SR-FUNNEL                          FUNNEL                          3

          Multi-Purpose Overhead Drum Lifter/Wrench

          Simple three-arm design for use with closed head 30 and 55 gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums with
          a top lip.  Each removable arm also functions as a wrench for use on drum plugs, faucets, and rim ring
          bolts.  Mechanical operation.  Requires assistance from an overhead lifting device.  Features a bronze,
          spark resistant finish.

               MODEL                                          UNIFORM       WEIGHT   model PDL-800-M-BR
               NUMBER           ACCEPTABLE DRUM STYLES        CAPACITY      (POUND)
                                                                                      CA Residents see
           PDL-800-M-BR      STEEL, PLASTIC, & FIBER         800 lb.         18     WARNING A, Pg. 459

          Non-Sparking Drum Bung Nut Wrenches
          These multipurpose drum tools not only open and close drum bungs or plugs, they also work as a bung
          wrench, ring wrench, and faucet wrench all in one.  Wrenches are universal in that they fit all types of
          industrial drum plugs and bungs in metal or plastic.  These durable wrenches will not bend, break, or   model BNW-BX-W
          chip.  Eliminate the need for extra tools with these multifunctional drum wrenches.  Patent pending.

               MODEL                                            OVERALL      WEIGHT
               NUMBER                 DESCRIPTION               LENGTH       (POUND)
           BNW-BX-W        SPARK RESISTANT BRONZE ALLOY         12"           2
           BNW-B-W         SPARK RESISTANT BRONZE ALLOY         13"           5
                                                                                      model BNW-B-W
                                                                                         CA Residents see
                                                                                       WARNING A, Pg. 459
          Non-Sparking Drum Bung Sockets
          Open drum bungs easily!  Tighten or remove with a socket wrench (wrench not included).  Use with   WARNING A, Pg. 459
                                                                                         CA Residents see
          impact drive tools.  Manufactured from a non-sparking bronze alloy.  Fits ¾" and 2" drum plugs.
               MODEL                                             DRIVE       WEIGHT
               NUMBER                 DESCRIPTION                 SIZE      (POUND)
           BUNG-S-B1       SPARK RESISTANT BRONZE ALLOY         3/8"          1
           BUNG-S-B2       SPARK RESISTANT BRONZE ALLOY         1/2"          1
                                                                                      model BUNG-S-B1  model BUNG-S-B2
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