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416             model DL-1000-SS   Drum Lifter
       STAINLESS STEEL & BRONZE  New           55 gallon steel or plastic drums.  Designed with a 3-point drum contact with stabilizing arms,

                                               A stainless steel, adjustable, 3-point drum lifter for lifting, transporting, and stowing 30 and
                                               which reduces damage to the drum and automatically engages the drum rim when lowered.
                                               Ideal vertical drum lifting tool which can be used with an overhead crane, hoist, or forklift
                                               attachment.  Strong and durable 304 grade full stainless steel construction.  Designed for
                                               quick and easy one person operation.

                                                                      DRUM SIZE
                                                                   30 & 55 GALLON
                                                                                           1,000 lb.
                                               Vertical Drum Lifter
                                               The stainless steel 2-point drum lifter is great for lifting 30 and 55 gallon steel or plastic
                                               drums.  It makes transportation of open or closed drums easy.  Allows quick, gentle loading
                                               into over packs and keeps drums upright during lifting to reduce spilling.  Works perfectly
                               model VDL-1000-SS
                                               with a hoist or an overhead crane.  Full stainless steel construction.
                                       New          NUMBER           ACCEPTABLE            CAPACITY      (POUND)
                                                                      DRUM SIZE
                                                VDL-1000-SS       30 & 55 GALLON          1,000 lb.       28

                                               Tilting Drum Rings

                                               Easily transport steel drums with your fork truck and the Tilting Drum Rings.  Pivoting fork
                                               pockets allow you to manually rotate drum to dispense light materials.  To use, slip the band
                                               over the belly of the steel drum and tighten the lock to secure the band around the belly of
                                               the drum.  Usable fork openings are 5¾"W x 3"H each. Welded stainless steel construction.

                                                    MODEL       USABLE                        UNIFORM*   WEIGHT
                                                    NUMBER     DRUM SIZE    MATERIAL & FINISH  CAPACITY  (POUND)
                model TDR-30-SS                 TDR-30-SS    30 GALLON  304 STAINLESS STEEL  1,200 lb.    24
                                                TDR-55-SS    55 GALLON  304 STAINLESS STEEL  1,200 lb.    25
                                               *CAPACITY IS BASED ON FULL DRUMS
                                               HALF-FULL DRUMS ARE RATED AT 600 LB. UNIFORM CAPACITY

                                               Mobile Drum Dolly
                                               Transport ordinary or specialty 55 gallon steel drums easily with this multipurpose Stainless
                                               Steel Drum Dolly.  Assembly required.
               model DRUM-SS-55-H
                                                      MODEL       DRUM TYPE    CASTER            UNIFORM  WEIGHT
                                                     NUMBER       (GALLON)     TYPE      HEIGHT  CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                                DRUM-SS-55-H       55     HARD RUBBER     6"     800 lb.   23
                                                DRUM-FSD-SS-55-N    55        NYLON       6 /8"  1,100 lb.  20
                             model DRUM-FSD-SS-55-N
                                               Multi-Purpose Dolly

                                               Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Dolly rolls smoothly on four (4) 3" x 1¼" swivel casters.  Each
                                               unit comes with a 4 foot long nylon pull strap that helps in transporting down aisles or over
                                               thresholds.  Rubber-coated hook allows strap to hook on top of drum for storage.  The dollies
                                               can transport a 5 gallon pail, 30 or 55 gallon drum, or LP gas tank.

                                                       MODEL                                 UNIFORM      WEIGHT
                                                       NUMBER             CASTER TYPE        CAPACITY    (POUND)
                                                DRUM-QUAD-CS-SS        HARD RUBBER          900 lb.       24
                 model DRUM-QUAD-CS-SS
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