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404                         Tote Lifters    HAND PUMP OR 12V DC
       STAINLESS STEEL & BRONZE  model  12V DC power with rocker switch to raise or lower.  Hand pump design features an ergonomic pump

                                        Designed to lift open bottom skids, boxes, and baskets.  Two operations available: hand pump and
                                        handle with two lifting speeds to accommodate light or heavy loads.  Side stabilizers lock lift in place
                                        when load is raised above 20½".  DC power unit includes on-board battery charger.  These stainless
                                        steel units feature nylon wheels. Units may not be suitable for wash down applications.

                                                                         FORK SIZE
                                                                          (W x L)
                                                                        26¾" x 45"
                                                                                                 2,000 lb.
                                                            HAND PUMP
                                                                                   3½" to 31½"
                                                              12V DC
                                                                                   3½" to 31½"
                                                                                                 2,000 lb.
                                                                        26¾" x 45"
                                        High Tote Lifter    12V DC STANDARD
                           model        A High Tote Lifter is a perfect asset for any food handling atmosphere.  The stainless steel
                                        construction is easily cleaned due to its smooth finish.  An open fork design allows for simple
                                        inspection for overall complete hygiene.  Products can be raised or lowered by utilizing the 12V
                                        DC powered hand pump.  When the unit has been raised, it minimizes the amount of bending and
                                        twisting that can occur when products are placed in the improper height location.  The wheeled
                                        scissor base creates a steady base when in position to load or unload merchandise.  The overall
                                        compact design is easily stored when not in use.
                                               MODEL                      FORK SIZE  SERVICE   UNIFORM    WEIGHT
                                              NUMBER         OPERATION     (W x L)   RANGE     CAPACITY   (POUND)
                                         ULM-HTL-2149-20      12V DC      21" x 45"  3¾" to 31½"  2,000 lb.  427
                                        User-friendly portable stainless steel hydraulic lifts provide reliable, powerful lifting when moving and
                           model        positioning loads.  Includes removable platform for operations requiring forks (except HYD-10-DA-
                                        SS).  Manual hydraulic foot pump yields ¾" of platform travel per stroke.  Non-slip chain is used for
                                        accurate positioning.  Units roll easily on two rigid and two swivel poly-on-steel casters and include a
                                        foot operated brake.  Not for use with pallets.  Each fork is 4⅜"W x 2½"H, the fork length is the same
                                        as the platform length.  Overall fork width is 22".  Compact, lightweight stackers are capable of a smaller
                                        turning radius. Equipped with a built-in automatic load check valve for improved safety. Model HYD-
                                        5-SS features a hydraulic foot pump, while model HYD-10-DA-SS comes with a dual acting manual
                                        hydraulic hand pump.
                                              MODEL       PLATFORM      SERVICE    UNIFORM                 WEIGHT
                                             NUMBER       SIZE (W x L)  RANGE      CAPACITY   OPERATION   (POUND)
                                         PARTIALLY STAINLESS STEEL
                                         HYD-5-PSS       21" x 24"   6¼" to 45 /8"  450 lb.  FOOT PUMP     236
            model                        STAINLESS STEEL
                                         HYD-5-SS       23 /8" x 21¼"  6¼" to 45 /8"  450 lb.  FOOT PUMP   230
                                         HYD-10-DA-SS*     N/A        3 /8" x 59"  800 lb.  HAND PUMP      270
                                        *OVERALL FORK WIDTH 22", LENGTH 20-7/8"
                                        DC Powered Hefti-Lift       12V DC STANDARD
                                        This DC powered, medium duty, stainless steel semi-electric lift is user friendly providing reliable,
                            New         powerful lifting when moving and positioning loads. Ideal for working in confined spaces and
                                        eliminates manual handling problems and injuries. Includes a stainless steel removable platform
                                        for operations requiring forks. Robust design, 304 grade all stainless steel construction.  Hydraulic
                           model        cylinders (including the piston) are also manufactured from type 304 stainless steel.  The stainless
                                        steel piston is very important for long-term durability in wash-down environments.  This stainless
                                        steel lift is non-corrosive and is good for washdown and corrosive acids applications. Ideal for food,
                                        pharmaceutical, chemical, and clean room applications. Unit rolls easily on two (2) rigid and two (2)
                                        swivel poly-on-steel casters and includes a foot operated brake. Each fork is 4½"W x 2½"H. The fork
                                        length is the same as the platform length. Overall fork width is 22". Forks are adjustable to handle
                                        different size loads. Runs off one (1) 12V battery. Includes an integral battery charger, battery charge
                                        indicator, and an emergency on/off switch. Not for use with pallets.
                                             MODEL       PLATFORM      SERVICE     OVERALL SIZE  UNIFORM  WEIGHT
                                             NUMBER      SIZE (W x L)  RANGE        (W x L X H)  CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                         HYD-10-DC-SS   22" x 25¾"   3½" to 59"  24½" x 44" x 68"  880 lb.  257
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