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          Premium Truck Scissor Dock Lift Options            TWO SPEED PUMP: Increase lifting speed by 55% when lift is unloaded.
                                                             Ideal for unloading applications. Model WL-TSP
          WARNING BEEPER: Sounds during the lifting and lowering operations. 80   VOLTAGE CHANGE:  Change the power from standard 460V. 3-phase to
          decibels. Model WL-WBO                             208/230V, 3-phase. Model VCC-208/230-3
          WARNING STROBE LIGHT: Light flashes during the lifting and lowering   3 HP SINGLE PHASE ELECTRIC MOTOR:  Replace standard 3-phase
          operations.  Model WL-WLO                          power unit with 208/230V, 1-phase, 60Hz power unit (approx.; 1½ gallons per
          WARNING BEEPER & STROBE: Sounds and flashes during the lifting   minute pump speed). Model WL-3HP
          and lowering operations. 80 decibels.   Model WL-WB                                                      LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT
                                                             7-1/2 HP POWER UNIT: Power unit is wired for 3-phase. 208-230/460V,
          50,000 lb. ROLLOVER CAPACITY (25,000 lb. per axle): Adds additional   60Hz, unit will pump approximately 6 gallons per minute. Model WL-7HP
          structural channel supports for the deck. Increases lowered height 2".     10 HP POWER UNIT: Power unit is wired for 3-phase, 208-230/460V, 60Hz,
          Model WL-50                                        unit will pump approx. 8 gallons/min. Model WL-10HP
          MOBILE WHEEL KIT: Kit may be used on the 5,000 and 6,000 lb. capacity   SAFETY ACCORDION SKIRT: Keep people and debris from getting under
          units only. System includes casters and handle. (400 lb.)  the lift.  Contact factory.
          Model WL-WK
                                                             COLD GALVANIZED LIQUID COATING: For application usage visit
          SPECIAL RESERVOIR MOUNTING:                Model SPO-WL-LS-ZRC
          Available in a wall mount or a handrail mount
          (non-removable).  Model WL-RMB                     STEEL-IT™ COATING: Visit for application usage.
                                                             Model SPO-WL-LS-SSC
          STOP SIGNAL SIGN:  Optional Stop Sign
          Signal that raises up to let the driver know when to stop for safe loading/  IMMERSION OIL HEATER: For cold weather applications with a built in
          unloading. This is only available on surface mount units with fixed toe boards.   metal reservoir & thermostat for automatic heat control. 208-230V, single or
          Model WL-SSS  (reduces usable width by 3")         3-phase power, 250 watts. This option can only be used in steel tanks.
                                                             Model IOH-230V
          KEY SWITCH LOCKOUT: Avoids unauthorized use of the lift. This option will   Use with 460V, 3-phase power unit, 500 watts. Model IOH-460V
          lock out the controls at the power unit. Model WL-KL

          Truck Actuated Dock Levelers
          • 55,000 psi high strength checker plate deck   • 12" long lip (extends 6½" into truck)
          • Toeguards on each side       • Service range of 12" above through 8" below dock
          • (2) Molded Bumpers; 5"W x 16"H x 2"D   • Lift By-Pass for Safety

          This is a fully automatic loading ramp where there is no dock attendant needed. It consists
          of a lift by-pass for safety and toe guards on each side. As the truck backs against the twin
          actuating arms (bumpers) it pushes the carriage back. As the carriage goes back the deck goes
          up. When the carriage bumpers contact the dock, the deck floats down to rest on the trailer.
          When the truck pulls out, the deck returns to level supported position automatically.
                                                                                          RECESSED DOCK LEVELER
               MODEL                                                 UNIFORM   WEIGHT          series RU
               NUMBER                    DESCRIPTION                 CAPACITY  (POUND)
           RU-600-SCB    6'W x 6'L Recessed Unit, Standard 28" Deep Pit  20,000 lb.  2056
           RU-800-SCB    6'W x 8'L Recessed Unit                    20,000 lb.  2425
           RU-800-SCB-F  6'W x 8'6"L Recessed Unit                  20,000 lb.  2475
           RU-1000-SCB   6'W x 10'L Recessed Unit                   20,000 lb.  2730
           SU-600-SCB    6'W x 6'L Recessed Unit with Legs, Full 48" Deep Pit  20,000 lb.  2147
           SU-800-SCB    6'W x 8'L Recessed Unit with Legs          20,000 lb.  2516
           SU-800-SCB-F  6'W x 8'6"L Recessed Unit with Legs        20,000 lb.  2592
           SU-1000-SCB   6'W x 10'L Recessed Unit with Legs         20,000 lb.  2821
           PU-600-SCB    6'W x 6'L (Dock Leveler Unit with Legs for in Front of Dock Placement)  20,000 lb.  2394
           PU-800-SCB    6'W x 8'L (Dock Leveler Unit with Legs for in Front of Dock Placement)  20,000 lb.  2830
           PU-1000-SCB   6'W x 10'L (Dock Leveler Unit with Legs for in Front of Dock Placement)  20,000 lb.  3203
                         (SPECIFY DOCK HEIGHT WHEN ORDERING)
                                                                                        DOCK LEVELER WITH LEGS FOR
                                                                                         FRONT OF DOCK PLACEMENT
                                                                                               series PU
               MODEL                                                           WEIGHT
               NUMBER                          DESCRIPTION                     (POUND)
           CAS-RU-600    CURB ANGLE SET FOR SERIES RU-600 DOCK LEVELER          196
           CAS-RU-800    CURB ANGLE SET FOR SERIES RU-800 DOCK LEVELER          214
           CAS-RU-800-F  CURB ANGLE SET FOR SERIES RU-800-F DOCK LEVELER        318
           CAS-RU-1000   CURB ANGLE SET FOR SERIES RU-1000 DOCK LEVELER         233
           TA-30K/6      30,000 POUND CAPACITY FOR 6 FOOT LENGTH                 --
           TA-30K/8      30,000 POUND CAPACITY FOR 8 FOOT LENGTH                 --    HEAVY-DUTY SPRINGS HELP LIFT THE
           TA-30K/10     30,000 POUND CAPACITY FOR 10 FOOT LENGTH                --     DECK WHEN A TRUCK COMES INTO
           FI            FOAM INSULATION                                         6      CONTACT WITH THE DOCKLEVELER
           TL            NOTCH FOR TRAILER LOCK                                  --
           SPO           SHALLOW PIT OPTION FOR SERIES                           --
           SPO-RU        SHALLOW PIT OPTION FOR SERIES RU (minimum depth 24")    --     DOCK LEVELER SURVEY SHEET
           BE            BUMPER EXTENSION FOR LOW DOCKS                          --      CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 48
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