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14                                Dock Chain Bollard Barrier Systems
       LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT                 steel constructed double chain design adds extra security for doors up to 10'. Unit is designed

                                              Dock Chain Bollard Barriers create a safe environment for both personnel and products. The
                                              with a safety yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness for clear visibility and a bolt-on chain
                                              hook-up enabling a quick installation or removal. Chains are mounted at 21" and 41" high
                                              on the bollard and the chain can be cut to size upon request. Series DCBB-42 includes two
                                              (2) bollards, two (2) 127" long chains and one (1) DCBB-B-KIT.  Concrete anchor hardware
                                              available separately.
                                              Model DCBB-B-KIT is for use with existing bollards. Kit includes four (4) mounting brackets,
                                              four (4) quick links for chain, one (1) chain post handle, and hardware.
                                                                                             10 FOOT
                                                                                             10 FOOT
                                               DCBB-B-KIT       OVERALL  BOLLARD CONVERSION KIT DOOR SIZE  (POUND)
                                               BOL-CHAIN         3/16" STEEL POWDER COAT CHAIN (PER FOOT)  30
                                               AS-344-4PK        ANCHOR BOLTS FOR CONCRETE (4) 3/4" x 4"   4
                                              Swivel Dock Gates
                                              Swivel Dock Gates are ideal for securing loading docks, parking lots, or pathways. The gate
                                              features steel construction for durability and a yellow powder coat finish for clear visibility. An
                                              attachable swing stop is added to the base of each bollard to reduce the swing length of gate
                                              arm, and to change the direction of gate swing. A chain slot is also attached to the end of each
                                              gate arm for the option of added security. All models come in pairs. Units have pre-drilled
                                              mounting holes for easy installation.
                                                   MODEL        ACCOMMODATES       OVERALL     BOLLARD    WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER          DOOR SIZE        HEIGHT      DIAMETER   (POUND)
                              SECURE GATE IN   SDG-8               8 foot           42"          5½"       150
                              OPEN OR CLOSED   SDG-9               9 foot           42"          5½"       170
                              POSITION WITH
                              PADLOCK (NOT     SDG-10              10 foot          42"          5½"       190
                              INCLUDED).       AS-344-4PK       ANCHOR BOLTS FOR CONCRETE (4) 3/4" x 4"    4
                                              Clearance Bars
                                              Clearance Bars are low maintenance, highly visible, and simple to read.  These easy to install
                                              clearance bars are made of ¼" nominal wall low density polyethylene.  Comes with eye hooks
                                              attached, chain not included.  Standard lettering is "CLEARANCE" and specified height (15
                                              character spaces, includes: spaces, dashes, and/or feet, inches symbols).  Other colors, specified
                                              lettering and additional characters available, contact factory.

                                                  MODEL      OUTSIDE                                     WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER     DIAMETER    LENGTH    LETTERING    COLOR     (POUND)
                                               CLB-5-78P      5¼"        78"        NO        YELLOW       18
                                               CLB-5-78L      5¼"        78"        YES       YELLOW       18
                                               CLB-7-110P     7½"        110"       NO        YELLOW       85
                                               CLB-7-110L     7½"        110"       YES       YELLOW       85
                      model CLB-5-78L

                                              Overhead Door Warning Barriers

                                              Protect overhead doors from fork truck damage. Heavy-duty PVC construction is light-weight
                                              and will not rust. Highly visible black and yellow safety stripes and two American flags serve
                                              as a visual warning. Includes two (2) 15' long chains with quick connects to hang barrier from
                                              ceiling or existing overhead door track.
            ECONOMY WARNING BARRIER • model ODG-121-F  Model ODG-133-BL features built-in warning sirens and flashing lights that activate when
                                              the barrier is bumped or contacted. Provides an audible and visual warning before damage to
                                              overhead door is caused. 76 DB at 9 feet. Requires (4) 9V lithium batteries, not included.

                                                   MODEL                                    OVERALL      WEIGHT
                                                   NUMBER            DESCRIPTION            LENGTH       (POUND)
                                               ODG-121-F�     ECONOMY WARNING BARRIER        120"          63
            DELUXE WARNING BARRIER • model ODG-133-BL  ODG-133-BL�  DELUXE WARNING BARRIER   120"          66
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