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          Dock Leveler Insulation Blanket

          The Dock Leveler Insulation Blanket helps improve heating efficiency while using less energy.
          Prevents cold air from entering your warehouse from cracks that surround the dock door and
          leveler. The blanket includes aluminum extrusion, anchors, and hangers that fit most standard
          doors. The hangers allow for a secure raised blanket position. The blanket will pay for itself
          many times over by controlling heat loss.
               MODEL         OVERALL SIZE                             WEIGHT                                       LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT
              NUMBER           (W x L)             DESCRIPTION        (POUND)
              DIB-96�         90" x 96"        INSULATION BLANKET      17

          Dock Barricades - Designed to Prevent Loading Dock "Run Off's"  115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
          Dock Barricades represent the next generation of innovative loading dock safety systems.
          The electric/hydraulic power unit provides quick and effortless operation. It can stop a four
          thousand (4,000) pound loaded truck at four (4) miles per hour. It is electronically operated
          and consists of an electrical bumper-style safety stop circuit to sense obstructions when
          lowering. Installation is simple: anchor the unit to the floor, mount the control on the wall,
          and plug in. Mechanical unit, model DJG-100MW, features a manual hand crank winch to   MECHANICAL • DJG-100MW
          raise/lower barricade arm.  All units include a lock bar on the arm post to restrict rotation of
          the barricade arm.  Padlock is NOT included.

              NUMBER      (W x H)    RAISED    LOWERED     (W x L)    (POUND)
           DJG-100*       8' x 8'    148 /8"    28½"     24" x 130¾"   780
           DJG-100-10*   10' x 10'   172 /8"    28½"     24" x 154¾"   800
           DJG-100MW      8' x 8'    149"        32"     24" x 133¼"   539
          *ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC POWERED UNITS                                               ELECTRIC • DJG-100

          Safety Lift Gates
          Simply lift and the self folding action folds the gate in a vertical position. With the assistance
          of the air assist cylinder, the gate can be lifted with the slightest effort. The Lift Gate is
          manufactured of steel tubing with yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness. Unit can be
          either wall or floor mounted. Ideal on loading dock doors to help reduce the possibility of
          people falling.

            NUMBER    LENGTH    (W x L)    BAR HEIGHT     RAISED      (POUND)
           SLG-6       6'       4" x 4"     42 /8"         111"        23
           SLG-8       8'       4" x 4"     42 /8"         135"        28
           SLG-10      10'      4" x 4"     42 /8"         159"        33
                                                                                     TWO SIX FOOT SECTIONS SHOWN
          Economical Safety Swing Gates

          An economical way to protect people from dock falls.  Durable railings are
          constructed from schedule 10 pipe (1⅝" O.D.).  Units have a top rail height of
          46¼" and a 25" mid-rail.  4" poly-on-poly wheel allows units to be swung out of
          the way. Foot release lock keeps the railing from being moved when in use.  Cast
          single socket is included.  Yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness.

             MODEL                  OPENING                 WEIGHT
            NUMBER     MATERIAL      WIDTH       HEIGHT     (POUND)
           SSG-9        STEEL        108"         46¼"       105
           SSG-11       STEEL        132"         46¼"       138
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