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          Edge-O-Dock Levelers

          Edge-O-Dock Levelers permanently attach to the face of dock. It is recommended for
          docks to be at least forty-eight (48) inches high. When the trailer departs, the lip drops
          automatically behind the face of the bumpers. Concrete recess is not required. It comes
          complete with two (2) 2" x 8" x 18" bumpers and installation instructions. Standard
          ramping is 29", with a 36-5/8" long ramping length available for smaller grade. A steel
          dock edge or approach ramp is required for proper installation.                                          LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT
          The Mechanical Edge-O-Dock is operated by placing the actuation handle into the
          pocket of the inner lip and pulling down toward the floor. The operator then pushes the
          handle forward until the lip rests on the truck bed. As the trailer departs, the lip retracts
          behind the bumper face automatically.
          The Hydraulic Hand Pump system is used to lift the leveler and extend the lip. The
          operator rotates the relief valve allowing the deck to descend down and rest upon the
          trailer. Unit comes complete with hand pump, wall-mount brackets, cylinder, 15 feet of
          hydraulic line and oil. Truck must pull out for leveler to return to stored position.
          The Electric Hydraulic Edge-O-Dock is the easiest to operate. After the truck is backed
          against the dock, push and hold the control button. The leveler raises and the lip will
          extend. 115V, 1-phase power standard. Unit comes complete with motor, pump, control
          box, cylinder, lines, and oil. Truck must pull out for leveler to return to stored position.

                                                                             MECHANICAL • series FM
              MODEL                     **USABLE     UNIFORM    WEIGHT
             NUMBER       OPERATION         WIDTH   CAPACITY    (POUND)
           FM-0648       MECHANICAL       48"        6,000 lb.   348
           FM-2066�      MECHANICAL       66"       20,000 lb.   514
           FM-2072�      MECHANICAL       72"       20,000 lb.   523
           FM-2078       MECHANICAL       78"       20,000 lb.   560
           FM-2566�      MECHANICAL       66"       25,000 lb.   556
           FM-2572�      MECHANICAL       72"       25,000 lb.   575
           FM-3066       MECHANICAL       66"       30,000 lb.   663
           FM-3072       MECHANICAL       72"       30,000 lb.   709
           PP-1572-36*   HAND PUMP        72"       15,000 lb.   752
           PP-2066       HAND PUMP        66"       20,000 lb.   583
           PP-2072       HAND PUMP        72"       20,000 lb.   627
           PP-2566       HAND PUMP        66"       25,000 lb.   622                 HYDRAULIC HAND PUMP
                                                                                          series PP
           PP-2572       HAND PUMP        72"       25,000 lb.   671
           PP-2572-36*   HAND PUMP        72"       25,000 lb.   1168
           PP-3066       HAND PUMP        66"       30,000 lb.   998
           PP-3072       HAND PUMP        72"       30,000 lb.   1061
           PE-1572-36*    ELECTRIC        72"       15,000 lb.   749
           PE-2066        ELECTRIC        66"       20,000 lb.   581
           PE-2072        ELECTRIC        72"       20,000 lb.   601
           PE-2566        ELECTRIC        66"       25,000 lb.   619
           PE-2572        ELECTRIC        72"       25,000 lb.   649
           PE-2572-36*    ELECTRIC        72"       25,000 lb.   826
           PE-3066        ELECTRIC        66"       30,000 lb.   745
           PE-3072        ELECTRIC        72"       30,000 lb.   782
          *36 DENOTES RAMP LENGTH OF 36-5/8" FOR SMALLER GRADE                   ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC • series PE
          OPTIONAL STEEL FACE FOR BUMPER, model EOD-SF                             115V 1-PHASE STANDARD

              MODEL                                                                     WEIGHT
              NUMBER                              DESCRIPTION                           (POUND)
           FM-HOOK     PULLING HOOK FOR MECHANICAL UNIT (OLD STYLE)                       3
           FM-BAR      ACTUATION HANDLE FOR MECHANICAL UNIT                               13
           BB�         STEEL BUMPER BOX                                                   75
           RB          RUBBER BUMPER (REPLACEMENT), 18"W x 8"H x 2"P                      16
           FM-PP       FM-SERIES TO PP-SERIES CONVERSION KIT                              53        CONTROL BOX
           FM-PE       FM-SERIES TO PE-SERIES CONVERSION KIT                              89
           PP-PE       PP-SERIES TO PE-SERIES CONVERSION KIT                              56
           CE�         CURB EDGE - 6" CHANNEL x 96" LONG                                  90
           CED         CANTED EDGE                                                        --
           RAMP-2�     APPROACH RAMP 96"W x 12"L x 2"H                                   120
           RAMP-4�     APPROACH RAMP 96"W x 24"L x 4"H                                   215
           AP�         APPROACH PLATE ¼" THICK x 12"L x 96"W                             132
           AP-BE�      APPROACH PLATE ¼" THICK x 12"L x 96"W WITH BEVELED EDGE           130
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