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172                              Shrink Wrap Cart
       PACKAGING EQUIPMENT        New        capacity and construction permits the user to transport large amounts of shrink wrap from area

                                             The shrink wrap cart is a major asset in the packaging and shipping departments. A strong overall
                                             to area, saving both time and energy. The cart rolls on swivel and rigid casters with brakes for
                                             smooth transferring and safe keeping on unleveled surfaces. A powder coat finish is included for
                                             added toughness in harsh conditions.

                                                                                        ROLL CAPACITY
                                                           OVERALL SIZE
                                                            (W x L x H)
                                                                         ROLL WIDTH
                                                                                          150 lb.
                                                        40 /16" x 80" x 46 /16"
                                                                                                   450 lb.
                      PWB-SAND-W             Polypropylene Woven Parts/Sand Bags
                                             Choose woven polypropylene bags for the toughest packaging applications.  Each bag has a tie
                                             string.  Manufactured from high puncture, tear and water resistant 2 mil polypropylene.  Bags
                                             are reusable, economical, durable, flexible, and sturdy.
                                                  MODEL        SIZE                         QUANTITY   NET WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER       (W x L)  CAPACITY   COLOR   PER PACKAGE  PER PKG. (LB.)
                                              PWB-68-B�       6" x 8"     N/A      BLUE       200         4
                                              PWB-812-B�      8" x 12"    N/A      BLUE       200         6
                                              PWB-68-Y�       6" x 8"     N/A     YELLOW      200         4
                                              PWB-812-Y�      8" x 12"    N/A     YELLOW      200         6
                                              PWB-68-W�       6" x 8"     N/A     WHITE       200         4
                                              PWB-812-W�      8" x 12"    N/A     WHITE       200         6
                                     model    PWB-SAND-W�    14¾" x 26"  56 lb.   WHITE       200         16
                                             Blue Silica Gel - absorb shipping container moisture
                                             Blue Silica Gel absorbs shipping container moisture. The blue silica gel is in clear packets with
                                             unique color changing characteristics. Color is blue when dry and red when saturated. Ships in
                                             sealed cartons.

                                                 MODEL     INDIVIDUAL PACKET  INDIVIDUAL   PACKAGES    NET WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER      SIZE (W x L)  PACKET WEIGHT  PER CARTON  PER PKG. (LB.)
                                              BSG-2G�        1.18" x 1.77"   2 grams        3000          15
                                              BSG-5G�        1.85" x 2.50"   5 grams        1250          15
                                              BSG-10G�       1.85" x 2.75"  10 grams        600           15

                                             Pallet Washing Cabinet & Optional Pressure Washer

                                             The stainless steel Pallet Washing Cabinet makes it easy to rinse, clean, and remove debris
                                             that can accumulate on plastic pallets. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, simply plug in
                                             your existing pressure washing hose using the snap connector provided. Minimal installation
                                             requirements include a connection to a minimum of 6GPM at 2500 PSI. With no moving
                                             parts, this washer is perfect for low volume applications involving slightly soiled pallets.
                                             Optional Electric Pressure Washer available, contact factory.

                                                MODEL       OPENING       RESERVOIR    OVERALL DIMENSIONS  WEIGHT
                              Optional Electric  NUMBER    PALLET SIZE    (GALLONS)       (W x L x H)    (POUND)
                              Pressure Waster
               model PPW-748  model OEPW-1700  PPW-748     7"W x 48"H       10          39" x 39" x 76"   395
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