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          Label Dispensers

          Label Dispensers are ideal for shipping, receiving, and in-office use.  The unit keeps labels in an
          organized, easily usable fashion for quick distributing.  The dispenser is available in a plastic or
          steel construction.  The lightweight, yet durable construction allows the dispenser to be easily
          moved from workstation to workstation, as well as endure frequent, longtime use.
               MODEL                   LABEL WIDTH      OVERALL SIZE   WEIGHT                       model LBLD-P-2  PACKAGING EQUIPMENT
              NUMBER     CONSTRUCTION    IT HOLDS        (W x L x H)   (POUND)
           LBLD-P-2�       PLASTIC         2"          3¾" x 9" x 4¼"    1
           LBLD-P-4�       PLASTIC         4"         5 /8" x 9" x 4¼"   2        model LBLD-S-125
           LBLD-S-125�     STEEL          12½"        13¼" x 10 /8" x 6"  6
          Multi-Purpose Packaging Bench
          Multi-Purpose Packaging Bench is great for all your packaging needs!  Wooden surface is durable
          and soft so it will not damage your  products.  Includes elevated tower for holding two (2) rolls of
          packaging paper or bubble wrap.  Maximum roll width is 44".  Maximum roll diameter is 20".
          Height of the three (3) roll axles are 59", 47", and 16".  Extra roll of material may be stored under
          table.  Lower storage shelf for holding boxes, tape, tools, and other items.  Steel construction.
              MODEL        TOP TABLE        BOTTOM TABLE     OVERALL   WEIGHT
             NUMBER         (W x L x H)      (W x L x H)     HEIGHT   (POUND)                       model MPPB-4794
           MPPB-4794     48" x 72" x 34"   24" x 48" x 16½"  64 /16"    283                         ships unassembled
          Multi-Task Packaging Cart

          Minimize packaging time and costs by having wrapping and strapping components organized
          and readily available.  Cart has dispensing ability for one (1) steel and one (1) poly strapping
          roll.  Each strapping compartment includes a tensioner for controlled strap dispensing.
          Compartment doors also serve as ramps to easily roll strapping up into cart. Steel strapping
          compartment is 3¼" wide. Poly strapping compartment is 6¼" wide.  Detachable pallet wand is
          included for use with poly strapping (max. ⅝" wide).  Wand folds so it can be stored vertically
          in cart. The top of cart includes tray for storage for miscellaneous tools.  Cart is portable with
          two (2) rigid and two (2) swivel locking 4" x 1¼" poly-on-poly wheels and push handle.  Steel
          construction with powder coat finish. Model PKG-CART-A is model PKG-CART assembled.

              NUMBER        DIAMETER   ROLL/MATERIAL WIDTH  DIAMETER   (POUND)                             WAND
           PKG-CART�         11"             26"             22"        239
           PKG-CART-A�       11"             26"             22"        239
          Paper Dispenser Stands

          Designed to conveniently hold rolls of paper and allows for easy horizontal dispensing.
          Choose from either double-tier or triple-tier design.  Holds rolls of paper up to 9" in
          diameter.  Steel construction with painted finish.  Ships knocked down in cardboard box.

              MODEL        ROLL                      OVERALL SIZE    NET WEIGHT
             NUMBER       WIDTH        TIERS           (W x H)        (POUND)
           PDS-2-24�       24"           2           28¾" x 27 /8"     17
           PDS-2-30�       30"           2           34¼" x 27 /8"     21
           PDS-2-36�       36"           2           40¾" x 27 /8"     23
           PDS-2-48�       48"           2           53" x 27 /8"      24        model PDS-3-24
           PDS-3-24�       24"           3           28¾" x 38½"       27
           PDS-3-30�       30"           3           34¼" x 38½"       28
           PDS-3-36�       36"           3           40¾" x 38½"       30
           PDS-3-48�       48"           3           53" x 38½"        42
          Roll Dollies
          The unique portable Roll Dollies are designed for moving, holding, and dispensing rolls of
          material right where they are needed.  Integral turntable easily rotates on ball bearings to allow for
          dispensing.  Upright post detaches to allow for easy loading of larger rolls.  Unit rolls smoothly
          on four (4) swivel total locking 3" x 1¼" polyurethane casters.  Steel construction with powder
          coat finish.  The Deluxe Roll Dolly includes integral cutting blade for quick and easy cutting of
          materials.  Optional tool tray mounts to the top of the post to keep tools at your fingertips.
                                                                                model ROLL-D
              MODEL       POST      MAXIMUM     MAXIMUM     UNIFORM   WEIGHT
           ROLL-D         1 /16"      61"         33"       125 lb.     74
           ROLL-D-DLX�     1"         42"         30"       400 lb.     85
          OPTIONAL TOOL TRAY, MODEL ROLL-D-TT                                              model ROLL-D-DLX
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