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166                         Heavy-Duty Banding Cart
       PACKAGING EQUIPMENT              and standard 27" wide pallet trucks.  Includes lifting eye for use with overhead crane.  Also comes

                                        Heavy-duty "industrial grade" strapping and banding cart includes fork pockets for use with lift trucks
                                        standard with a steel tool storage tray (18"W x 7"D x 3½"H usable) and 16" diameter foam wheels.
                                        Works with strapping core sizes of 16" x 3", 16" x 6" and 8" x 8", available on page 168.

                                                                                    OVERALL SIZE
                                                                                     (W x D x H)
                                                                                38" x 26 /16" x 48 /16"
                                                          STEEL & POLY
                          model STRAP-FP
                                        Vertical/Horizontal Strapping Cart
                                        Unique cart allows the operator to apply strapping both vertically and horizontally around the load.
                                        For use with both steel and poly strapping.  To use, engage outer detents (disengaging inner) and
                                        turn the removable handle until strap is in the horizontal position.  Once in the horizontal position,
                                        disengage the outer detents and engage the inner detents.  The strap can now be raised and lowered
                                        from 28" down to 8" with the same handle. Each unit comes standard with 10" x 2½" semi-pneumatic
                                        wheels. The equipment tray measures 14"W x 6"L x 4½"D.  Works with strapping core sizes of 16" x
                                        3", 16" x 6" and 8" x 8", available on page 168.
                                            MODEL          OVERALL SIZE      MAXIMUM       ACCEPTABLE     WEIGHT
            STRAP-VH                        NUMBER          (W x D x H)      DIAMETER      STRAPPING     (POUND)
                                         STRAP-VH�     26 /16" x 30 /16" x 47½"  24"     STEEL & POLY      176
                                        Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart

                                        •  Increase Productivity  •  Economical, Fast, Easy  •  Low Maintenance
                                        The Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart is a quick answer to a long time dilemma - getting poly
                                        strapping through your pallet. To use, transport cart to your loaded pallet, extend arm, and run
                                        strapping to end clip. After strapping is secure, roll cart probe into pallet along center stringer. The
                                        strapping arm will then protrude out the other end allowing the operator to pull the strapping up and
                                        over the pallet. Unit accepts polypropylene strapping. Tray size is 19"W x 5¾"D. Overall material
                                        diameter is 16" with a minimum of 13¾".  Works with poly strapping core sizes of 16" x 3", 16" x 6"
                                        and 8" x 8", available on page 168.

                                            MODEL        ARM LENGTH       MAXIMUM        ACCEPTABLE     WEIGHT
                                            NUMBER    RETRACTED/EXTENDED  DIAMETER        STRAPPING     (POUND)
                                          STRAP-P2�      40" TO 64"         24"            POLY          132
                                        Strapping Carts

                                        Universal strapping carts are designed for use with Poly and Steel strapping.
                                        STRAP-PS-HD features unique multi-tier discs for use with strapping core sizes of 16" x 3", 16" x 6"
                                        and 8" x 8". Cart includes storage tray and two (2) 8" x 2" hard rubber wheels for easy portability.
                                        Powder coat finish.  Poly and steel strapping available separately on page 168.
                                        STRAP-PS-P is a lightweight strapping cart with plastic disc and integral tool tray.  Designed for use
                                        with poly strapping that has a core size of 8" x 8" see page 168.  Great for everyday use around the
                                        warehouse, including box sealing and bundle applications.  Two (2) 8" x 2" plastic wheels for easy

                            STRAP-PS-HD      MODEL             ACCEPTABLE             OVERALL SIZE       WEIGHT
                                             NUMBER            STRAPPING              (W x D x H)       (POUND)
                                         STRAP-PS-HD�        STEEL & POLY          24 /8" x 20½" x 43"    58
                                         STRAP-PS-P�            POLY                18½" x 20" x 38"      25
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