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          Removable Bollards                                                            New

          Removable Bollards include one (1) mounting sleeve and one (1) bollard.  Lift the bollard out
          of the supplied mounting sleeve to remove.  To provide added security, choose the Removable
          Bollard with the key lockout feature.  When the bollard is removed, consider the cover sleeve
          option to prevent debris from collecting in the mounting sleeve.  Yellow baked-in powder-coated
          toughness for high visibility.                                                                           PROTECTIVE BARRIERS

                MODEL          USABLE        OVERALL        BOLLARD     WEIGHT
                NUMBER         HEIGHT         HEIGHT       DIAMETER    (POUND)
           BOL-R-36-5.5         36¾"          46¾"           5 /16"      40
           BOL-R-42-5.5         42¾"          52¾"           5 /16"      45
           BOL-R-48-5.5         48¾"          58¾"           5 /16"      46                   BOL-R-SLV-CV
           BOL-R-72-5.5         72¾"          82¾"           5 /16"      87
           BOL-R-36-5.5-KL      36¾"          46¾"           5 /16"      42
           BOL-R-42-5.5-KL      42¾"          52¾"           5 /16"      47
           BOL-R-48-5.5-KL      48¾"          58¾"           5 /16"      48
           BOL-R-72-5.5-KL      72¾"          82¾"           5 /16"      87       BOLLARD &            BOLLARD IN
           BOL-R-SLV-CV      OPTIONAL SLEEVE COVER (use when bollard is removed)  8  MOUNTING SLEEVE  MOUNTING SLEEVE
          Removable Ornamental Steel Bollards
          Provide an attractive, yet functional barrier to vehicle access and parking areas. Bollards are 4½"
          in diameter, while the rings make the overall diameter 6".  Padlock not included.  Baked-in
          powder-coated toughness.  Includes eyes for attaching chain or rope.
          Model BOL-OR-40-BK, locks into galvanized steel socket that is cemented into the ground.
          When the bollard is removed, a cover plate protects the hole leaving no protrusion above the
          Model BOL-OR-40-BK-SM, fits into steel socket that is bolted to ground (mounting hardware   REMOVABLE
          not included).                                                                    ORNAMENTAL BOLLARD
                                                                                             model BOL-OR-40-BK
                 MODEL                           USABLE     BOLLARD     WEIGHT                    CA Residents see
                NUMBER           MOUNTING        HEIGHT     DIAMETER   (POUND)                   WARNING A, Pg. 459
           BOL-OR-40-BK�      UNDERGROUND         40"         4½"        121
           BOL-OR-40-BK-SM�      SURFACE         46¾"         4½"        126
           AS-344�             ANCHOR BOLTS FOR CONCRETE (1) 3/4" x 4"    1
           AS-344-4PK�         ANCHOR BOLTS FOR CONCRETE (4) 3/4" x 4"    4

          Self Storing Bollard with Door

          This unique bollard is designed to slide down into the ground or floor when not needed.  Great
          for preventing access to parking areas.  Each unit includes a sleeve that can be set in the ground
          with concrete.  Bollard has a handle in the top to allow for easy lifting and lowering.  Lift and   SELF STORING
          twist to lock into raised position.  Twist and lower to return to stored position.  Includes locking   model BOL-SSTOR-42-4.5
          tab for use with padlock (padlock not included) to prevent unauthorized operation.  Steel
          construction with baked-in powder-coated toughness.

                  MODEL              USABLE            BOLLARD        WEIGHT
                 NUMBER              HEIGHT            DIAMETER       (POUND)
           BOL-SSTOR-42-4.5          42½"                4½"            154

          Spring Loaded Steel Bollards
          Designed to serve as a visual and/or audible warning to personnel. Unique 30° spring-loaded
          design will bend and not break like rigid bollards. Prevents damage to bollard and equipment.
          Promotes long life. Order bollard with or without light/siren option. Light/siren option includes
          sensitive switches that will activate a strobe light and warning siren when contacted. Operates
          with two (2) 9V batteries (not included). Simply slides into open top of bollard. Each bollard is
          manufactured from steel and includes baked-in powder-coated toughness. Bollards measure 42"
          high (45¼" model SPBOL-42-BL) with a 2⅛" O.D.

                MODEL                                                   WEIGHT
                NUMBER                      DESCRIPTION                (POUND)
           SPBOL-42�       SPRING BOLLARD                                13
           SPBOL-42-BL�    SPRING BOLLARD WITH BEEPER & STROBE           15
           AS-383�         ANCHOR BOLTS FOR CONCRETE (1) 3/8" x 3"        1
           AS-383-4PK�     ANCHOR BOLTS FOR CONCRETE (4) 3/8" x 3"        4
                                                                                                 model SPBOL-42-BL
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